COD Mobile: Season 11 Buffs and Nerfs | AK-47, QQ9, FHJ-18, SMRS

Here is a detailed look at all the COD Mobile Season 11 nerfs and buffs happening in the upcoming up! Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest Season 11 update is almost upon us with the new Anniversary Update having heaps of changes and new features. We thought it made sense for us to talk about all the new weapon, class and perk nerfs and buffs in detail and give you our thoughts about it.

Just like every new season update in COD Mobile, the team adjusts different weapons and classes on how effective they should be or which ones to reduce. These buffs and nerfs have been done in light of community feedback given to the developers. In Season 11, they have implemented these changes in quite a drastic fashion where some weapons like the AK-47 has been nerfed quite heavily.

Season 11 Nerfs and Buffs

COD Mobile: Season 11 Nerfs and Buffs

Firstly, it is important for us to start with the most buffed and nerfed items in the game. The guns in particular have been changed quite a bit especially with the addition of specific attachments for some guns and changes in perks. You always have the option to upgrade a weapon with attachments though, thanks to Gunsmith.

You can read the complete COD Mobile Season 11 patch notes here where all the new features and additions have been listed. We will discuss that list a little further and explain how those changes and adjustments effect the weapons we use a lot.


Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The AK47 was one of the strongest guns in the game in the previous patch. However, it has been nerfed quite heavily. Its throttle control and precision has been reduced alongside its damage.

The gun, however, does have new equipment for it; 5.45 caliber rounds that are lighter rounds that usually deal less damage but travel faster. This ultimately means that the damage of the AK has been reduced in favor of damage. Check out our AK-47 loadout that has been adjusted accordingly.

AK-47 Loadout with Gunsmith Attachments


Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The damage of the QQ9 has been increased when using the 10mm 30 round reload attachment which is its most common one. Or try our best QQ9 loadout for that extra power!


Nerfed or Buffed? Neutral.

The FHJ has been revamped. It can now be fired without locking a target. However, the explosion of the cartridge used it in it has been significantly reduced.


Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The explosion range of the cartridge used in the SMRS has been increased.

Shadow Blade

Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The movement speed and attack speed of the Shadow Black has been reduced. However, the distance required to lock onto an enemy has been decreased.


Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The Annihilator has been heavily nerfed. Its fire rate, recharge speed, and duration have all been reduced.

War Machine

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The War Machine now has increased fire rate, bullet velocity, and mobility turning it into a more efficient weapon.

Death Machine

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The magazine capacity of the Dead Machine has been increased.


Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The VTOL’s fire rate has been reduced which is a much welcome change as it was considered quite over-powered.


Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The damage range and edge damage of the Thermite has been increased. Moreover, it can now stick to enemies and their deployed devices. this adds a new layer of strategy to the device which is a welcome change.


Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed.

The Shield has been revamped. Instead of the flash, it is now replaced with a gadget that emits microwave radiation in front of the shield, doing tick damage and slowing down enemies in the area.


Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The defense range of the Trophy System has been reduced significantly which inhibits the way and places where it can be deployed.

Alert Perk

Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The perception distance of the Alert Perk has been reduced, thereby reducing its effective range quite a bit. You might want to consider equipping the High Alert perk.

High Alert Perk in COD Mobile


Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed.

The initial explosion range of the Molotov Cocktail has been reduced quite a bit.

This concludes our list for the most important Season 11 nerfs and buffs for guns, perks and tacticles in Call of Duty: Mobile. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments down below.

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