Dauntless on PlayStation 5 Launches This Week with New Behemoth and Quests

This week has been an extravaganza of popular releases and news, just like how we found out the leaks behind Gangstar New York, it is time for another banger, Dauntless is coming to PS5! Yes, you heard it correct, your favorite, action-packed RPG has finally made its way to your favorite platform as well, and it comes along with a lot of rewards!

The developers of Dauntless just dropped big news, as the game is finally making its way to the PlayStation consoles. Additionally, the game comes along with a lot of added, PlayStation exclusive content that can be considered a reward for all the patience by the community. This post will tell you all about the added rewards and the release so stick around.

Dauntless Comes To PS5: Includes New Behemoth and Quests

According to the latest news dropped on the official Twitter, Dauntless is finally coming out on PS5. The official release date for the game on the PlayStation 5 is said to be December 2. The game is coming along with new content added titled the “Call to Arms” which includes:

Graphics Update

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As shown in the teaser images above, the graphics of the game gets a massive overhaul. The game has a lot for the definition to it and seems way more immersive as compared to its PS4 counterpart. The game now includes dynamic 4K resolution targeting 60 frames-per-second and improved textures for the environment including all trees, grass, and water.

Dual Sense Support

A game without DualSense Controller support coming to PS5 makes little to no sense, and Dauntless understands that. This is why the game is coming out with complete Dual Sense Support. Now you will be able to feel your characters Stamina and repeater Ammos through trigger resistance.

Additional Content:

Here are other things being added to the game that we don’t have much information about yet, but we will be posting it as soon as we find out:

  • Behemoth, Sahvyt – New chain blade weapons.
  • New trophies
  • Krolachi Warlords Hunt Pass
  • New quests
  • New challenges.

So what are you thoughts on this big news being dropped? Are you ready to play dauntless on your favorite console? Let us know in the comments below

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