Day 5 Results | PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020

PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas Fall Split 2020 day 5 results

After a couple of days break, PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020 is back in it’s full swing. The action has returned and so are we, with the match results and points table. The 4th day saw G25 Gaming finishing on top of the leaderboard with B4 Esports and ACE 1 grabbing the 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

There are a total of 24 teams, divided into 3 groups of 8, and only the top 16 will play the finals for a prize money of 40,000 USD. Each game is as competitive as it can be and we are here to give you the results each day.

Day 5 Results and Overall Standings:

The 5th day was more in favor of Tempo Storm, as they topped the table at the end of the day with 51 points. Team Queso almost caught upto them but fell 2 points short and ended the day with 49 points. The 3rd spot was taken by 19esports with 41 points coming out of five games for them.

Matches Played

The matches played along with their maps and results are mentioned below:

*(Placement points + kill points)

Game 1

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: Pittsburgh Knights (15+9)
  • 2nd Place: Team Queso (12+10)
  • 3rd place: The Unnamed (10+3)

Game 2

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Vikendi)
  • 1st Place: Tempo Storm (15+15)
  • 2nd Place: 19esports (12+4)
  • 3rd Place: Tribe Gaming (10+5)

Game 3

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Sanhok)
  • 1st Place: Execute Esports (15+7)
  • 2nd Place: Ace1 (12+4)
  • 3rd Place: Cloud9 Mobile (10+13)

Game 4

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Miramar)
  • 1st Place: B4 Esports (15+14)
  • 2nd Place: Helping Quit Addiction (12+9)
  • 3rd Place: The Unnamed (10+6)

Game 5

  • Group A vs Group B
  • 1st Place: Tempo Storm (15+5)
  • 2nd Place: Team Queso (12+12)
  • 3rd Place: Bonde Da Madruga (10+5)

Overall Standings

The overall standings of PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020 after 5 days:

PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020 overall standings after day 5 results
Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports

All the previous and upcoming livestreams of the Fall Split 2020 tournament can be watched on PUBG MOBILE Esports Youtube channel.

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