Day 6 Results | PMPL Americas Fall Split 2020

PMPL Americas season 2 day 6

The best teams from Americas continue to work their way for a spot in the top 16, to play in the finals of the PMPL Fall Split 2020. The 6th day was no different, considering it was as competitive as it can get. Well, you don’t need look any further, as we are here to give you all the match results and the overall standings, as of day 6.

It’s a 24 team team tournament with top 16 to play in the finals. You can check all the details about the teams and and group draw, here.

Day 6 Results and Overall Standings:

After Tempo Storm finished at 1st place the other day, today it was the turn of Execute Esports. They ended their day with 63 points and enjoyed the top position after their hardwork. A7 eSports fell 2 points short off of that no.1 spot, but they’ll take the 2nd position with 61 points. It was an 11 points gap between the 2nd and 3rd place, as Team Queso took 50 points home at the end of the day.

Matches Played

The matches played along with their maps and results are mentioned below:

*(Placement points + kill points)

Game 1

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: A7 eSports (15+7)
  • 2nd Place: G25 Gaming (12+15)
  • 3rd Place: Execute Sports (10+10)

Game 2

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Vikendi)
  • 1st Place: B4 Esports (15+4)
  • 2nd Place: XSET (12+5)
  • 3rd Place: Brazilian Rampage (10+2)

Game 3

  • Group A vs Group B (Map: Sanhok)
  • 1st Place: Team Queso (15+9)
  • 2nd Place: Clous9 Mobile (12+4)
  • 3rd Place: INTZ Mobile (10+5)

Game 4

  • Group B vs Group C (Map: Miramar)
  • 1st Place: Cloud9 Mobile (15+10)
  • 2nd Place: Tempo Storm (12+3)
  • 3rd Place: A7 eSports (10+10)

Game 5

  • Group A vs Group C (Map: Erangel)
  • 1st Place: Meta Gaming (15+7)
  • 2nd Place: Execute Esports (12+10)
  • 3rd Place: Team Queso (10+11)

Overall Standings

The overall standings of PMPL Americas Season 2 after day 6 results:

PMPL Americas season 2 points table after day 6
Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports

All the previous and upcoming livestreams of the Fall Split 2020 tournament can be watched on PUBG MOBILE Esports Youtube channel.

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