Diablo Immortal PC Release Date, Features, and Everything You Need to Know

Diablo Immortal PC Release Date, Features, and Everything You Need to Know

Blizzard has recently announced some major news about Diablo Immortal, including its release date for the PC platform, new features, and important changes to the gameplay. This guide covers everything you need to know about those topic.

People are really excited about the upcoming Diablo game, and Blizzard has finally come forward and announced its release date for the PC platform and other exciting news. We will be going over all of the new stuff in detail throughout this guide.

When is Diablo Immortal Coming out on PC?

Blizzard had originally announced Diablo Immortal as an upcoming game for both Android and iOS. But they revealed some exciting news on their Twitter today, where a new cinematic was published along with new info about the release of a PC version of the game.

Diablo Immortal releases on iOS/Android and PC (as an Open Beta) on June 2nd, 2022. Blizzard has also announced some key features for the game’s PC version, which is discussed below in detail.

Diablo Immortal PC Features

Now that you know about the PC release date, let’s discuss some of the new features that will be coming to Diablo Immortal.

The PC version of Diablo Immortal will be coming out in the form of an Open Beta, where all of your progress will carry over into the game’s final build. That means anything you buy, any cosmetics you unlock, and all of your progress will remain as it is once the beta is over.

It will also have all of the good features you normally get with PC ports, such as widescreen aspect ratio support, uncapped framerates, and support for Mouse & Keyboard.

Players will also be able to seamlessly switch between Controller and Keyboard/Mouse inputs based on their preferences.

Cross-platform and Crossplay Support

Another exciting piece of information we got today was that the PC version and Mobile version of Diablo Immortal will have complete Crossplatform and Crossplay support. You can read more about this in detail here.

This means you can stop playing on one device and immediately pick up where you left off on the other device. Your progress will remain in sync on both platforms. This gives a lot of freedom to the players, allowing them to play anywhere, be it during travel or at home.

Diablo Immortal Cosmetic Management System

Diablo Immortal will also have an abundance of cosmetics for your armors, portals, and weapons. You’ll be able to acquire these cosmetics through various methods such as quests, progression, and season passes.

The Cosmetic Management System allows you to go through all of these skins in an easier, more manageable way.

Set Bonus Changes

Previously Sets used to have bonuses for 3 and 6 pieces, which meant that you would get certain bonuses for equipping 3 or 6 pieces of the same set. But now, Blizzard has changed those bonuses to 2, 4, and 6 pieces.

This allows for more diverse builds as there are more bonuses for players to mix and match, which ultimately keeps the game fresh. If you play on the highest difficulty, you’ll be able to pull any set item you want, and if you play on lower difficulties, then you’ll be able to pull certain set pieces.

Changes to the World Paragon Level Adjustments

Blizzard has also made changes to the World Paragon Levels. Previously, you would hit an XP cap after playing in the server for a certain amount of time, preventing you from gaining too much experience.

And new players were given boosts to match the Paragon Level of the server, but this mechanic has now been changed.

There is no cap on the amount of XP you can earn, and players who join the server late will get boosts based on how high the World Paragon Level is, making it less difficult for them to catch up.

Expanding the Elder Rifts

The Elder Rift dungeons had several modifiers in the technical tests of Diablo Immortal. But now, Blizzard has added even more variations to each playthrough of an Elder Rift dungeon, allowing you to have a fresh experience with debuffs like poison causing stagger and damage, etc.

All of these changes indicate that Blizzard is really listening to the community for feedback and suggestions and trying to make Diablo Immortal as fun as possible. We won’t know the exact outcome of all these changes and promises until the game comes out, so let’s hope for the best!

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