Pre-Registration for Digimon Super Rumble Now Available

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Being avid anime fans, Digimon has been a big part of our lives and with the announcement of the Digimon Super Rumble, an action-packed MMORPG for PC, pre-registration being open prior to the game’s release, it’s justifiable that we are excited. Developed by move games, the game set us to provide us with a trip down memory lane as we get to now live some of our childhood memories.

Digimon Super Rumble is a turn-based mobile RPG that has incorporated next-level graphics in terms of mobile games. However, that may end up being a double-edged sword as such high-quality renders will require you to have a pretty high-end phone, not to mention the burden it would put on the battery.

Digimon Super Rumble Pre-Registration

The pre-registration for Digimon Super Rumble has been made available and is said to stick around till 6.00 pm GMT+9, November 24, 2021. However, as the pre-registration has only been made available for the Korean player base, you would need a Korean number to sign up.


Digimon Super Rumble Rewards

That’s not all as the pre-registration came with a lot of exclusive rewards. As currently, you will be able to get your hands upon the “First Costume Set” and “Fairy Wing”, both of which will act as cosmetic items. The First Costume Set is a dark-colored Japanese school uniform-inspired set available for both genders. Whereas, the Fairy Wings are an exclusive reward, awarded only to the first 2000 registered players.

Digimon Super Rumble Reward

Additionally, a social media campaign has started to help the game gain popularity. Anyone can take a part in the campaign and get a chance to win iPads, Apple Watches, and other luxurious items.

The game is sure to give you a sense of nostalgia and help you relive those childhood days. Are you going to give Digimon Super Rumble a shot? Let us know in the comments.

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