Does Elden Ring Support Crossplay with Cross-Progression?

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Elden Ring is finally making its way to the players’ hands on February 25th and people are wondering whether this game has Crossplay between platforms, so they would be able to play with their friends regardless of their system. Here we will put your questions to rest.

With so many console generations and platforms in the mix these days, many of your friends must have jumped ship from your specific system. So it’s up to the developers at From Software to make it so that you can play with them regardless of system.

Cross-Platform Cross-Play in Elden Ring

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In recent times a good chunk of people have shifted platforms, some have moved from console to PC while many have jumped to newer console generations. Some friends that you co-op with have moved on to new pastures, and From Software games are that bond that you want to keep.

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The Game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, the playing ground is huge but can all these kids play with each other. Sadly, this is not possible and there is no Cross-play here, the game is locked to its specific brand of the platform. PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players are not allowed to mingle, though it’s very much up to the developers to implement this feature later on in an update considering the demand and player outcry.

Cross-Generational play is possible luckily, meaning a PlayStation 4 player can play with its PlayStation 5 friend, same goes for Xbox One and Series X|S. Though considering the optimization and FPS difference there might be some unforeseen issues. So choose the mutual platform of your peers to indulge in a co-op in the meanwhile. And if you have a previous generation version of the game, it can be upgraded to the current-gen without any cost.

Which platform are you going to play the game on and what platforms your friends moved on to? Share with us in the comments below. And for more Elden Ring News and Guides keep checking our website.

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    Sooo is cross-progression possible or not? I switch between ps4 and ps5 often and want to be able to continue on the same game

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