Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 APK (Global Version) feat. 2nd Anniversary, Blackout Map

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 APK has just been released after a rigorous test server period, and we have the Android download links for your pleasure. To commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the game, Activision has thrown in tons of content in CODM Season 8 including a brand new Battle Royale map, Blackout, new weapons, and much more! If you a fan of Crash, you’ll also be able to experience a better textured, re-vamped version of the fabled map.

The release of the update also leads to the introduction of the Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Mobile which of course, brings in new characters, skins, and much more! You’ll be able to download and play the game as soon as you get the APK installed from the link down below. You can also play the game on Huawei phones that do not conventionally have access to Google Play Store Services as well.

COD Mobile Season 8: New Features

call of duty m13 r90

COD Mobile Season 8 seems to be lined up with all sorts of new exciting features and updates to get fans riled up! Plus, with tangible changes made to the critically acclaimed Battle Royale game mode present within the game, we’re in for an absolute treat! Here are all the new features coming into the game:

  • New Weapons:
    • R90
    • M13
  • New Killstreak:
    • Lightning Strike
  • New Perk:
    • Iron Lungs
  • Battle Royale:
    • New Map – Blackout
  • Class Updates:
    • Poltergeist, Trap Master, Spotter, Medic re-vamped.
  • Revamped Map:
    • Crash
  • Weapon Adjustments
  • Bug Fixes

PATCH NOTES: The features above were just a snippet of everything new coming in the game, you can take a look at the complete official patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 here: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes | 2nd Anniversary

Download COD Mobile Season 8 APK – Global / Garena Version

To download the 2nd Anniversary Edition of Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll need to have the latest APK of the game. Thankfully, we have it ready for you to download from the link down below. Here are all the detailed steps you need to follow to start playing Blackout, the new Battle Royale map, in no time!

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Global Version 1.0.28:

COD Mobile Season 8 - Google Play Store

The global version update for the Call of Duty: Mobile “2nd Anniversary” just went live and you will need to download about 1.54 GB when updating from the Google Play Store. Do not worry about storage as this new patch will reduce the overall game size for you.

Here are the some more mirror download links for the COD Mobile (Version 1.0.28) Season 8 APK Global update:

Garena CODM Version:

Are you from one of the Garena regions in the South East Asia region? You can download the Garena version of the latest Call of Duty: Mobile APK for Season 8 here:

Here are the some more mirror links for the COD Mobile Season 8 APK Garena update:

After you are done downloading the APK for your device, here are all the steps you need to follow:

  • Install the APK, if you are unable to do so, make sure you’ve enabled Install From Unknown Sources from your phone’s settings.
  • As soon as you open the APK, the game will download all its requires sources.
  • Log-in from your usual account and start pwning some noobs!

That’s all you needed to do to get CODM Season 8 up and running on your Android device. Having trouble installing the game? Shoot us a comment and we’ll help resolve your issue.

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  1. I already have cod mobile installed in my phone with season 7 update so if i download and install this apk will it update the current game or it will install another version of it?

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