Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Test Server for Android | March 29 Public Test Build

You can now download the latest official public test build for COD Mobile Season 3 (2021) for Android, which has just been released today. The public test server announcement was done right alongside the announcement of the new March 29 Community Update as part of Season 2: Day of Reckoning in Call of Duty: Mobile. While we still are quite fresh into the season, it is exciting to know that the developers are already testing out features and optimizations for the next version!

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 will be jam-packed with new content and features, just like all previous iterations of the game. The developers have mentioned particular aspects of the game they wish to focus on for the new reason. Just like previous versions, you can download COD Mobile Season 3 on your Android device.

Call of Duty: Mobile March 29 – Season 3 Public Test Build

call of duty mobiile march 29 season 3 test build

Unlike previous test builds, the developers have not provided us with a lot of information on what we can expect from the update itself. If you’ve gotten ahold of the update already and have successfully logged in, you might not notice that there are not a lot of changes. This is specifically because the developers have quite an unorthodox Test Server for Season 3 currently. Rather than focusing on new content or features, they’ve put their effort into making sure the guns are as balanced as they can be. Here’s what you should be expecting from the weapons:

  • SMG – Strengthen close-range position through damage and mobility, while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure viability at other distances.
  • ASSAULT – Strengthen the range and accuracy to ensure a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. Improve weapon differentiation in terms of bullet trajectory, handling, and recoil.
  • LMG – Strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening the capabilities at different ranges.
  • SNIPER – Optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close-range combat.

According to the developers, a wide variety of changes, optimizations and improvements have been made to ensure that weapon types have a larger difference between them. For example, the mobility of SMGs has been increased to enhance weapon balance.

If you wish to provide feedback to the developers about the new changes, downloading the public test server and checking the changes out for yourself is the best thing you can do!

Download COD Mobile Season 3 Test Server

The public test build is finally available on Android devices! The APK isn’t divided into different processor types. So, you’ll just need to download the file and install it on your phone. Do note that your progress in the test build won’t be transferred to the main game and vice versa. Here are the requirements for the test server:

  • Start Date: March 29th (PT)
  • Test end date: TBD
  • Download Size: 2 gigabytes, Wifi connection is highly recommended
  • Player Registration Limit: 30,000 – 40,000
  • Content suited for ages :16+

For Android – Download

Since there is one APK to download, as mentioned earlier, you won’t have to worry about downloading the right one. This time, the developers have restricted the public test build to only x64 mobile phones. So, lower-end mobile phones running on older architecture will not install or play the test server. So, without further ado, here’s the download link for COD Mobile Season 3 Test Server.

* NEW* UPDATE: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 test server is now available. Download here!

For iOS – Download

Sadly, due to the unorthodox nature of the Test Server, there is no Test Flight Beta program currently for the Season 3 COD Mobile Test Server. This is what the developers had to say about the update for iOS on Reddit:

Unfortunately, this time around we couldn’t add iOS to the mix, but the next time we do more of a normal public test build we’ll hopefully be back to it being available on both platforms.

COD_Mobile_Official on Reddit

This concludes everything you needed to know about downloading, installing, and playing COD Mobile Season 3 Test Server on Android. We’ll surely be updating this post if an iOS version pops up anytime soon. So, stay tuned!

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