Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 (2021) APK | Global Update

You can download the latest COD Mobile Season 4 APK global version here! The game’s latest Season 4: Spurned & Burned, will be coming out in just a while! But, we have the APK and the OBB files ready for you. However, you can wait for the update to be released Globally on the Play Store or the App Store and download it from there.

If your phone does not have Google Services like one from Huawei, you will need to download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 (2021) APK. As soon as you get the latest APK, you will be able to download the newest Season 4 content via an in-game update of about 1.5GB. So, if you want to download the APK for Season 4, read on!

COD Mobile Season 4: New Features

COD Mobile Season 4 APK

Just like all previous iterations of a season, the developers have put in a lot of time to implement new features, introduce maps and to listen to the community as much as possible. Here are some of the headlights of COD Mobile Season 4 you should know about:

  • New Weapon: MK2
  • New Game Mode: Capture the Gold
  • New Backpack: Greasewood
  • New Scorestreak: Hawk x3
  • New Map: Dome
  • New Emote: Lasso Dance
  • New Characters: Morte, Alex, Scylla, and Carmine
  • Changes to various Guns and Scorestreaks

Other than these new features, there are tons of small, tweaks and additions that form up the crux of the update. Here are the complete patch notes for COD Mobile Season 4

Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 APK + OBB Data

This is where you can download the latest version of COD Mobile Season 4 APK for absolutely free on any Android device! Make to have at least 1.5 GBs of free space before you can start installing the game.

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If you are unable to open the game after you have installed it, you will need to delete it entirely and then re-install it. If this problem keeps happening, take a look at some device-specific issues which might be the cause.

Here’s the trailer for the latest Season 4 update:

Are you excited about the new update for COD Mobile? Or were you looking for something else? Let us know in the comments down below!

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