Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK for Android Devices

You can download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK here for all Android devices. The next major update to the popular battle-royale mobile game is currently testing new features with beta users who like to try out upcoming features early. We have covered a list of all the new features that are being tested in this beta version and will then be available in the final release. Find out right after the jump how you can download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK for Android phones and tablets.

As teased and leaked back in December, the Karakin map for the Classic Mode will finally make its way to PUBG Mobile 1.3. And apart from that, expect to see several new mechanics like Demolition Zone for the Karakin map, bullet penetration through walls and powerful new sniper rifle called Mosin Nagant. There will be a lot to uncover from the beta version, so check out the official patch notes!

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta: New Features

Here is a brief list of some of the new features that will be making their way to the upcoming PUBG Mobile 1.3 update:

  • Karakin – New Classic Mode Map
  • New Function: Demolition Zone in Karakin
  • New Function: Thin Wall Bullet Penetration in Karakin Map
  • New Throwable: Sticky Bomb
  • New Weapon: Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle
  • New Weapon: Panzerfaust (Rocket Launcher)
  • New Arena Map: Code-C

And definitely a lot more! This list has only been released to the beta testers, but like always, Tencent will be adding more features by the shipping time arrives. Find out more here: PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta Patch Notes.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK

You can download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK for Android devices from the direct link below. Please note, this public beta version may be removed anytime from the official website without any prior announcement or notice. We recommend downloading the following file over WiFi, instead of mobile data.

Download:PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK
File Size:624 MB
Developer:Tencent Games

To install PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK, you need to have atleast 3GB free space in your device. Check out guide on PUBG Mobile’s Lightweight Installation Functionality to only download the required assets and skip the rest.

NOTE: Make sure you are part of the official beta testers list, PUBG Mobile even asks you to enter a Binding Code when you install this beta version on your Android phone. You might want to read through: How to Get Invitation Code for PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta from last time.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta for iOS

Unlike Android users, players on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad are usually left out from beta releases. PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta for iOS is currently not available and it doesn’t seem the developers have any plans to launch it for this upcoming version. If there is a change or a new iOS beta version is out, we will update this guide.

GameLoop: PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta

Are you looking for the PUBG Mobile Beta for GameLoop? Well, you have come to the right place. Since Android users are able to test out new features, GameLoop players can do the same as well. You need to have prior knowledge on how to manually install APK files in GameLoop, which would allow you to install the above linked PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta APK file.

What do you think of this update? If you are curious enough to try out the upcoming features, hop on to this beta version right away. This update may contain bugs and compatibility problems with some devices because it is still under testing.

Let us know if you have any trouble when installing this APK file on your Android phone.

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