Dying Light 2 Pre-Load Now Live on Every Platform: PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Dying Light 2 is all set to release this Friday, but for those who want to be all ready for the launch can pre-load the game already all every platform. This means, you should now have the option to download and install all the required game files beforehand and be all prepared till the game goes live for every player all around the world.

For those who have been living under the rock, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is an upcoming action RPG developed and published by Techland. It is the sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, and features similar gameplay mechanics along with plenty of new content, a brand new story line and lots more to look forward to in a 5-year plan. The game is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2022 on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles – with a Switch version under development.

Dying Light 2 Pre-Load Now Available

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Roadmap

As mentioned earlier, you should now be able to download the Dying Light 2 game content on the relevant platform. This means, you will be all prepared to play the game with all the Day One patch and other updates for as soon as it goes live. Like most games from Electronic Arts, you do not get early access for games by Techland, which means everyone will get to play this new game at the same time worldwide.

In case you need to look for the minimum and recommended PC requirements, we have you covered. Since the pre-load began, several players have reported download issues on Steam and Epic Games Store. To fix that, we have some tips for you to read up.

Stay tuned, as we have a lot to unpack about the new Dying Light 2: Stay Human and will be coming out with tons of gameplay tips and other content. You can pre-order the game right now for your choice of gaming console.

Haris Nadeem
Haris Nadeem

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  1. I know Dying light 2 is already available, I’ve encountered a small bug with the pre-order bonus content outfits. I can equip them normally and everythings perfectly fine when playing. However when i load my game the pre-order outfit isn’t equip until i either die and spawn OR rest at a safe zone. Every time i load my save i have my regular equipment until i either die and spawn OR rest at a safe zone. Then the pre-order bonus outfit appears as normal.

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