eFootball 2023 v2.0.0 Update Patch Notes | Season 1

eFootball Update v1.0.0

The developers at Konami just deployed the latest eFootball 2023 v2.0.0 Update, and here are the full list of patch notes for you. The new Season 1 kicks off today for mobile and consoles, and it brings along a long list of new features and changes to the game. Adding to the already star-studded lineup of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Takefusa Kubo, 2 new global ambassadors will join forces with eFootball 2023 and take the game to new heights!

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the eFootball 2023 patch notes for v2.0.0 Update is covered below in the next section. We do not yet have the file size, but will add it here. You should be able to download and install the new patch right away as it is now live for everyone, and the maintenance has ended.

eFootball 2023 Patch Notes: v2.0.0 (Season 1)

Here are the official patch notes for eFootball 2023 v2.0.0 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

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New Season Kickoff -New Player Types & Licenses-

The theme for Season 1 will be “New Season Kickoff -New Player Types & Licenses-“.
With a new season comes new players and managers, as well as new hopes and dreams for clubs and supporters. Lace yourself up and enjoy the return of football with the latest strips and player data!

New Player Types

  • Introducing 2 new Player Card Types which will offer more team building freedom than ever before!
    Design the “evolution” of your own players through player progression!
HighlightHand-picked players who have put in exceptional performances in the “current season”, with a higher progression ceiling than Featured.nthl eng front taa enpchl mun front brunofernandes en
EpicCelebrating the “defining season” of big names past and present, with a higher progression ceiling than Legendary.epic front acm c seedorf enepic front acm w sneijder en

*Card images and player stats are not finalised, and may undergo changes in the future.

New Licenses

eFootball™ 2023 will see a number of new licenses being added to the game.
Two football clubs, both alike in dignity and heritage; We lay our scene in fair Milan as we introduce “AC Milan” and “Internazionale Milano” into the game. Joining them will be the soaring eagle of Mexican football “Club América”, and the immensely intense league that they hail from – “Liga BBVA MX”.
Apart from the authentic strips, players from “AC Milan” and “Internazionale Milano” will also be donning the eFootball™ original training kit in-game. Seeing the players in training kits during warm-up will surely add to the occasion.

efootball2023 new licences

Dream Team Power Packs

Bolster your Dream Team with these new packs!

Club Pack/Premium Ambassador Pack

Completed with 11 player cards with exclusive designs, our new partner clubs “AC Milan”, “Internazionale Milano” and “Club América” will be available as Club Packs.
Whether you’re a die-hard supporter of the club, a newcomer to the game or an established veteran who’s looking to bolster your squad, these well-balanced sets of players will make your Dream Team all the more competitive! Depicting the here and the now of the football club, player in these packs will be of the “Highlight” Player Type with the latest data.

Furthermore, our newest global ambassador Trent Alexander-Arnold will be taking the centre stage with his very own “Premium Ambassador Pack”!
Recreating his phenomenal 2019-20 season where his limitless supply from the right flank was fundamental in securing domestic glory with his club; “TAA” will be introduced as an “Epic” player in this unmissable pack!
10 of his very best colleagues will also join forces with him as “Highlight” players.

Our other new ambassador Bruno Fernandes will also be having his very own pack this coming Autumn. Keep your eyes peeled!

Game Updates

Authentic Team

The entire partner club lineup will be available in Trial Match.
A total of 26 teams will be at your disposal, including the newly licensed “AC Milan”, “Internazionale Milano” and “Club América”!
Play matches using footballing powerhouses from around the world; While you’re at it, do some scouting for your next Dream Team signing!

  • AI Control Option in Tour EventsYou can now have the AI control your own team in Tour Events. Feel free to take a step back and use the AI as a reference point for tactical and player applications!
  • National Team as Base TeamApart from club teams, you can now set national teams as your Base Team for Dream Team.
    With high-profile national team matches coming up, rep your nation in Events and join in the hype!

Manager Pack

We are not quite done yet. Also introducing “Manager Pack” – a set of Training Programs, along with a managerial mastermind to take the reins of your Dream Team!
J. Cruijff and F. Cannavaro are suited and ready to propel your Dream Team to the next level.
Executing possession football to a tee, J. Cruijff helped securing the “El Dream Team” dynasty of FC Barcelona with his emphasis on midfield plays. His self-explanatory brand of football has earned him a special Coaching Affinity, where MF players under his wing will enjoy a 400% increase in Experience Points gained during matches.
An irreplaceable piece of the “Catenaccio” that helped cemented Italy’s place at the apex of international football, there is no disputing F. Cannavaro’s reputation as one of the best defenders the game has ever seen. His special Coaching Affinity will see DF players enjoying a 400% increase in Experience Points gained during matches.
Strengthen a specific part of the pitch with the help of these managers and Training Programs!

Get the most out of eFootball™ 2023 with these special packs, and experience the charm and talent of our new partner clubs and ambassadors first-hand!

eFootball 2023 Season 1 Events

■ Additional Features
・ Changed selectable teams in Trial Match
・ Renaming and deleting Game Plans
・ More filter options for [My Team] > [Players]
・ More filter options for [Contract] > [Standard Player List]
・ The option to select National Teams as Base Team
・ Checking other users’ Game Plan information under their User Details
・ The “By Player Bonus (Stats)” option under [Auto-pick players] in Game Plan for Tour Events
・ The “By Player Bonus (Team Playstyle)” option under [Auto-pick players] in Game Plan for Tour Events
・ The “AI-controlled” option for Tour Event matches
・ Tips for new commands

■ Updates and Additions
・ Added the newly-licenced Liga BBVA MX (Mexico)
・ Updated new season data for leagues around the world
・ Added 6 new stadiums
The following data have also been updated:
・ Player photos and graphics
・ Manager photos
・ Strips
・ Pitch-side advertising boards
・ Media backdrops, stadium staff tabards and corner flags
・ Boots
・ Goalkeeper’s Gloves
・ Balls
・ Commentary
・ Music
・ Cinematics and animations
・ Photos
・ Avatar images
*Some data will not be updated in this new season data update. Those data will be updated in a patch file at a later date.

■ Discontinued Licences
The following licences will no longer be available.

・ Turkish League
・ Italian League (Top Division)
・ Italian Domestic Cup and Supercup

National Teams
・ Turkey
・ Peru

Club Teams
・ All Turkish League clubs
・ Juventus
・ Cremonese
・ Lecce
・ Bordeaux
・ Athletico Paranaense
・ Vasco da Gama

Players and managers
・ All Turkish League players and managers
・ All Turkey national team players and managers
・ Juventus manager
・ Cremonese manager
・ Lecce manager
・ All Bordeaux players and managers
・ All Athletico Paranaense players
・ All Vasco da Gama players

■ Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments
〇 Player Movement/Attacking
・ Overall enhancements on manoeuvrability of dribbling and player movement
・ Decreased inertia of players for in-movement stops and turns, including mid-Dash
・ Fixed the issue where performing shallow-angled turns in movement may result in excessive acceleration and extensive turns
・ Implemented adjustments for easier ball retention when performing a Shield mid-dribble
・ Fixed the issue where players may move too far away from the ball in order to avoid body contact with teammates or the opponents
・ Implemented adjustments so that players’ Dribbling stats and stamina will now have a heavier influence on their feinting speed, whereas players’ heights will now have less influence. Tall players with high Dribbling stats will now be able to perform quicker and sharper feints. On the other hand, feinting speed will decrease when fatigued
・ Implemented adjustments so that performing feints in succession will result in a reduction of feinting speed and accuracy due to temporary fatigue, and players’ stamina will also be reduced further
・ Fixed the issue where the time taken to kick the ball after performing a feint may be unnaturally fast
・ Fixed the issue where feint commands may not trigger the correct feints during low-speed dribbles
・ Fixed the issue where kick feints may not be triggered
・ Fixed the issue where the cursor may unintentionally be switched to another player when performing a Sombrero
・ Implemented adjustments so that players’ swiftness of touches will be influenced by their Ball Control stats as well as their Acceleration stats. On the other hand, players’ heights will have a lessened effect on their touches. Tall players with high Ball Control stats will now be able to take touches in a swift manner
・ Implemented adjustments so that when players control the ball with their backs against the opposition, it becomes harder for the opposition to take the ball away from them
・ Fixed the issue where players may not control oncoming balls in an adequate fashion
・ Fixed the issue where players may take a touch in a different direction than inputted
・ Fixed the issue where players may trap the ball forward even though a command has not been performed, as well as where players may come to a full stop before trapping the ball even if a directional movement was inputted prior
・ Fixed the issue where the player may unintentionally dash or overly decelerate when trapping
・ Fixed the issue where the return pass from a Pass-and-run (Cross Over) is too difficult to control
・ Fixed the issue where through balls may be played in a different direction than inputted
・ Fixed the issue where through balls may become excessively weak
・ Fixed the issue where through balls may be played in a direction that is easy for the opposition to intercept when the player is under pressure
・ Fixed the issue where through balls may be played directly behind the receiving teammate even if there is open space in front
・ Fixed the issue where through balls with curved trajectories may be too easy for the opposition to intercept
・ Increased accuracy for first-time shot attempts from pacy passes
・ Fixed the issue where one-touch passes may be played to a different teammate than intended
・ Fixed the issue where attempted grounded passes towards a nearby teammate may instead be played towards another teammate who is further away
・ Fixed the issue where teammates who are trying to run behind the opposition’s last line of defence may decelerate unintentionally
・ Implemented adjustments to increase the speed of the shooting motion following a Knock-on
・ Implemented adjustments to the trajectories and accuracy of corner kicks, as certain commands could result in an unnatural trajectory
・ Implemented adjustments to the positioning of teammates for the “Long Ball” Team Playstyle
・ Fixed the issue where players in an offside position may get onside in a delayed manner
・ Fixed the issue where players who have lost their balance following a kick may still be cursored to respond to loose balls
〇 Defending
・ Implemented adjustments so that players’ Defensive Awareness stats will also influence their speed of movement and acceleration in defensive situations, on top of their Acceleration stats. Defenders with high Defending Awareness will be able to accelerate in a quicker manner, whereas attackers with low Defending Awareness will become slower in movement
・ Fixed the issue where players may attempt a block in an excessively forward position during “Match-up”
・ Fixed the issue where players cannot block horizontal passes even when in a position where a block can be performed
・ Implemented adjustments so that shoulder charges will be triggered towards a more appropriate position when standing diagonally behind the opposition ballholder
・ Implemented adjustments for fairer foul decisions on shoulder charges
・ Fixed the issue where goalkeepers may not clear dangerous oncoming balls towards an appropriate direction
・ Fixed the issue where goalkeepers may unintendedly deflect the ball goalwards when performing a diving save
・ Fixed the issue where fouls may be called against the goalkeeper who has made physical contact with an opposition player when standing up after a save
・ Implemented adjustments regarding the positioning of defence line and man-marking decisions immediately after kick-off for the defending team
・ Implemented adjustments regarding the positioning of the defence to prevent a previous issue where the defence line would sometimes be too deep, which allowed opposition players to play and receive passes high up the pitch
・ Fixed the issue where players may not apply man-marking appropriately when defending from corner kicks, and may orientate their bodies inappropriately when applying man-marking
・ Fixed the issue regarding free-kick defending where the selection and order of players in the wall may be inappropriate
・ Fixed the issue regarding Manual Cursor Changes where the cursor may not switch to the intended player in the inputted direction
〇 Other Gameplay Enhancements
・ Fixed the issue where the ball may bounce in an unnatural direction after colliding with a player, for example in a shot block
・ Fixed the issue where additional time may become excessively long, and matches may end at inappropriate timings

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ The application may crash due to an error
・ When attempting a direct shot on the receiving end of crosses, the player may take a touch with his chest before shooting
・ Inputting a Controlled Shot command immediately after inputting a Stunning Shot command will see the player perform a pacy Controlled Shot
・ In online matches, kick feints may not be triggered even if a kick feint command is inputted
・ Trajectory adjustments of goal kicks are not reflected
・ For goalkeepers, the “pick up the ball” command may not be performed as intended
・ After inputting certain goalkeeping commands in specific sequences, the goalkeeper may become slow in movement
・ The goalkeeper may not get on his feet after performing a save
・ Certain goalkeepers may have their arms crossed when receiving the ball from the ballperson before a goal kick
・ The match may end abruptly just as the ball is deflected off a defending player and going into the net
・ When restarting with a quick throw-in, the match may restart without the ball being displayed
・ When the ball goes out for a corner kick, the match may restart immediately after the ball went out of play
・ Players’ facial expressions may switch abruptly
・ The shoulders of some spectators may move in an unnatural manner
・ When there is a connection delay in online matches, players may move on their own after controlling the ball even if no commands were inputted
・ Certain commands could cause online PvP matches to end prematurely and result in them being voided
・ In certain stadiums, parts of the stands may illuminate excessively and flicker during certain cutscenes
・ In certain stadiums, the lighting around the roof may flicker during certain cutscenes
・ During the victory cutscenes of certain competitions, some parts of the stadium may not be displayed
・ In certain stadiums, pillar-like graphics are displayed in the foreground during replays.
・ The post-match Exp. Gain screen is displayed even if there are no Experience Points gained
・ If only ineligible Events are being held in Challenge Events (Authentic), an error will occur when proceeding from the Events screen
・ After exchanging eFootball™ Points for in-game items, the cursor returns to the top of the list
・ In the player details screen, the name of the column that displays information regarding Team Playstyle Proficiency is erroneously titled “Team Playstyle”
・ In [Contract] > [Standard Player List], continue displaying players without sorting will result in heavy screen transitions and movement
・ After developing a player to max Level, the small thumbnail image remains the same even though the Player Card photo has changed
・ In [Standard Player List], switching the Sort filters repeatedly between “Player Value” and “Price” will result in erroneous display of the Player List
・ In some languages, the end of sentences may be displayed erroneously in certain screens
・ In [Game Settings] > [Audio] > [Audio] > [Custom], environmental sounds may still be played in-match even if the [Stadium] option is set to 0
・ In some languages, the word order of the displayed text is erroneous
■ Global Improvements
・ When releasing a player that is already registered in Game Plan, an alert message will be displayed indicating that “The player is currently registered in a Game Plan”, and said player can now be released directly afterwards
・ Various measures were taken to prevent manipulation of match results decision through ending online matches by impromper means
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches, with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience

eFootball 2022 is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android and iOS platforms. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Konami

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