Elden Ring File Size Revealed

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The file Size for Elden right has already been revealed and we have complete information on it for you to read. The game itself looks absolutely stunning and seems to be jam-packed with content and story. The world of Elden Ring makes it so that the game is no slouch when it comes to the Elden Ring file size. Elden ring is a highly anticipated title that is right around the corner and fans can’t help but get excited.

The all-time fan expectations are through the roof right now and it is totally deserving. But since we can only wait while the little chunks and bits of information start to surface, let’s take a look at the Elden Ring file size for the PS5 and PS4.

What is the File Size for Elden Ring

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The total size of Elden Ring will be 60GB on PS4 and keep in mind that this is without the Day One Patch update. Although looking at games like Warzone, this might not look like that substantial of size but keep in mind that 60GB is still a huge number even by today’s standards.

Similar to PS4, the game will also be launching on PS5 featuring a file size of 80GB so you better get ready to free up that space from your consoles. Elden ring will be released on 25 February so get your snacks prepped as it is goona be a breathtaking ride, to say the least.

Let us know if you are excited to finally play Elden Ring when it releases.

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