Fall Guys Season 3.5 Announcement | New Level, Old Costumes Are Back

Fall Guys Season 3.5 is coming out really seen. It seems like the developers have wrapped up everything they wanted to add with the new update and are now providing us with a tease of what we can expect. Thankfully, there’s going to be a brand new level alongside variations for pre-existing ones. Plus, with recent community feedback, old popular costumes that could not be purchased are finally being brought into the game! Here’s everything you need to know about Fall Guys Season 3.5

Fall Guys has recently been getting many updates that have spiced up the game quite a bit. The developers are working hard to introduce more content, with the most recent iteration being the Medieval Winter Update.

Fall Guys Season 3.5 Details

fall guys season 3.5

The developers have given us a sneak-peak of what we can expect from the new update. Firstly, an entirely brand new level will be coming to the game really soon alongside 40+ variations for the old one. As of now, variations seem to be small randomizations done on the levels to feel fresh and experienced players don’t just use their memory to pass an entire course in the blink of an eye.

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Plus, there’s also a new DLC Pack added to the game with the Godzilla, Sonic, and Goose Game Costumes being brought onto the store as regular purchases instead of timed, exclusive ones. Lastly, new exclusive costumes are going to be releasing over the course of the season. Here’s what the developers had to say about the update:

When Will Fall Guys Season 3.5 Release?

As per our expectations, since Season 3 was released on the 15th of December, you can expect Fall Guys Season 3.5 to be coming out in the ending weeks of January or at the start of February. So, expect an update from the 30th of January till the 12th of February 2021!

This concludes everything you needed to know about the new season Stay tuned for more news!

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