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The third event of the year just went live in NHL 22 Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), and you can read up all about the Fantasy Hockey Evo event here. We have also listed down all the rewards, event objectives and sets available in this new event. For those who have never been a part of the Fantasy Hockey event in HUT, this is a good time to start off.

This two-week event marks the return of the Fantasy Hockey event in HUT, and this time, the developers have made some small tweaks to how players upgrade for NHL 22. We discuss this, and everything there is to know about the latest NHL 22 HUT event right below after the jump. You can read up the NHL 22 November update patch notes here.

Fantasy Hockey Evo Event

First things first, let’s talk about the new changes and tweaks that have been made for this Fantasy Hockey event in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT):

  • Forwards will receive a +1 OVR for each goal they score in an NHL game
  • Defensemen will receive a +2 OVR for each goal they score in an NHL game
  • Goalies will receive a +1 OVR for each win and an additional +1 OVR per shutout in an NHL game.

This year players are guaranteed to go up a full overall rating instead of just +1 to their attributes which didn’t always result in an overall increase and caused some confusion.

Event Objectives, Sets, Rewards:

Here are the Event Objectives and sets available in Fantasy Hockey Evo.

Power-up CollectableComplete All FH EVO Event Objectives
Event Collectable+500 coinsScore 100 Goals SB/HC/Rivals
Event Collectable+1000 coinsScore 200 Goals SB/HC/Rivals
Event Collectable+500 coinsWin 20 Games SB/HC/Rivals
Event Collectable+1000 coinsGet 5 Shutouts SB/HC/Rivals
Event Collectable+500 coinsWin 30 Games in HUT Rush
Event Collectable+1000 coinsScore 100 Goals in HUT Rush
Matt Duchene (Untradeable)Event Collectable + 3×87+OVR + 6×86+OVR + 8×85+OVR + 10×84+OVR + 20×83+OVR
Neal Pionk (Untradeable)Event Collectable + 3×87+OVR + 6×86+OVR + 8×85+OVR + 10×84+OVR + 20×83+OVR
Ilya Sorokin (Untradeable)Event Collectable + 3×87+OVR + 6×86+OVR + 8×85+OVR + 10×84+OVR + 20×83+OVR
Choice (1 of 3) Fantasy Hockey Week 1 Player Items (Untradeable)Event Collectable + 1×87+OVR + 2×86+OVR + 8×85+OVR + 10×84+OVR + 20×83+OVR
Event Collectable15 Gold Players
Random 83-87 OVR Player (Untradeable)30xAny Gold Player

There are about 15 Gold Players available as event collectible, so we suggest you get started right now.

As there have been a number of outages, problems and bugs with the NHL 22 recently, a lot of players are not happy with the set costs to participate in the event. We will update this page with more information as it is revealed by the EA Community Manager.

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  1. How do you get the overall to go up when scoring goals with a player? I scored 2 in 1 hut squad battle game and never got anything

    1. They have to score in real life..

    2. Samuel michaud Avatar
      Samuel michaud

      Not in the game ahahah in real life buddy

    3. It’s their stats in real life.

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