Farming Simulator 22 Antonio Carraro Pack DLC Now Available

Farming Simulator is yet another entry in my bingo list of “weird concepts to turn into a simulator” but here we are with its most recent entry, Farming Simulator 22. The developers have just announced that its latest new DLC pack called the “Antonio Carraro Pack” is now available for players.

Farming Simulator 22 is the latest outing in the Farming Simulator franchise that started back in 2010 with Farming Simulator 11. The game adds a lot of new improvements to the series formula such as new ground working features like mulching or stone picking, an improved build-mode adding greenhouses and beehives, as well as a new character creator to bring your own, individual farmer to life.

Farming Simulator 22 Antonio Carraro Pack DLC:

Farming Simulator 22 Antonio Carraro adds a ton of new vehicles into the game. The description reads as:
With the Antonio Carraro Pack, you get the classic Supertigre 635, the versatile TTR 7600 Infinity and the articulated reversible quadtrack flagship, the MACH 4 R as well as its brother the MACH 2R and a lot of other tractors.”

The full list of added vehicles include:

  • MACH 4 R
  • MACH 2 R
  • Supertigre 635
  • TTR 7600 Infinity
  • TGF 10900 R
  • TONY 10900 SR
  • TONY 10900 TR
  • TONY 10900 TTR
  • TTR 4400
  • Tigrecar 3200

On top of that, developer Giant Software have also release a launch trailer for the Antonio Carraro Pack to show all of its content in action!

YouTube video

Farming Simulator 22 Antonio Carraro pack can currently be bought for a 10% discount on Steam so Farming Simulator fans who want to experience the latest content as soon as possible can jump in for a cheaper price.

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