Fishing Planet Tournaments in 2022, Increase in Size and Prizes

With the start of New Year, Fishing Planet just announced their entire timeline of tournaments for the entire 2022. Other than the usual tournaments players are already used to, the developers have brought three completely new tournaments along with the increase in size and quantity of prizes.

Fishing Planet is a highly realistic fishing simulator available for the Windows PC, macOS and Linux platforms. This is an online first-person multiplayer game developed for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual fishing right from your computer screens. You can even make trophy catches along with your friends.

Here are the three new tournaments added to Fishing Planet in 2022:

  • World Cats Cup
  • World Bass Tour
  • Topwater Kayak Cup

The developers have also increased the size and quantity of prizes for all tournaments, as listed below

  • Rewards in Credits have been increased by 3 times at all stages;
  • Adding X-Series items to rewards at all stages:
    • Qualifiers – for the first 3 places;
    • Semi-Finals and Finals – for the first 10 places;
    • The top-3 finalists will receive additional X-Series items;
  • The size of rewards for the Semi-Final in Baitcoins has been increased up to 3 times.

The cost of participation in tournaments has been increased to 25,000. For a list of all the new modes and mechanics, the Fishing Planet team will be announcing more details later.

Tournaments list for 2022:

January: January 18 – January 23
Winter pike tour

February: February 22 – February 27
Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour

March: March 15 – March 20
World Cats Cup

April: April 12 – April 17
World bass tour

May: May 18 – May 22
Char Charger’s Open

June: June 14 – June 19
Fishing Planet Boat Series

July: July 5 – July 10
Independence Trout Open

August: August 9 – August 14
Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup

September: September 20 – September 25
Mighty Carp Tour

October: October 19 – October 23
Gars & Glory Cup

November: November 15 – November 20
Topwater Kayak Cup

December: Dec 13 – Dec 18
Christmas Giant’s Tour

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