For Honor Update 2.33.1 Patch Notes | Shinobi Nerfs

Ubisoft will be releasing the brand new patch update for For Honor and we have the complete Update notes for it! This update is scheduled to roll out very soon as the Patch Notes cover some unique and exciting changes. The main focus of the update is to nerf Shinobi in order to balance him accordingly.

You will be able to update your game as soon as the update period is over. The file size for this update is 1.71 GB on PS4 and 2.11 GB for Xbox One and PC You can read the complete Patch Notes for For Honor Update 2.33.1 below!

For Honor Patch Notes: 2.33.1

Here are the complete patch notes for For Honor coming out for all supported platforms:

PS4: 1.71Gb, Xbox One: 2.11 Gb, PC: 2.11 Gb




  • Front/Side Dodge Kick miss recovery is now 600ms (was 500ms)
  • Front/Side Dodge Kick miss recovery no longer allows stance change in the last 100ms
  • Back Flip now has iframes and dodge frames at 100ms (was 0ms)
  • Front Roll can now target swap
  • Teleport Kick no longer can be accessed by holding GB (now only checks for tap input, not hold)
  • Front Roll and Back Flip no longer allow stamina regeneration
  • Chain links to Teleport Kick are now 66ms longer so that players can switch stance then dodge comfortably
  • Attack Recoveries can now cancel to Back Flip from 200ms to 300ms (was 200ms to 400ms)
  • Kick Flip miss recovery cancel to back flip chain link now is 400ms to 500ms (was 100ms to 600ms)
  • Shooting Stars recovery is now 100ms longer (no longer guarantees front dodge kick when it lands)
  • Flip Kick now costs 15 stamina
  • Back Flip and Front Roll now cost 6 stamina

Developer’s comment: Now that we’ve had Shinobi go from Testing Grounds into Live, we now make a number of nerfs to Shinobi here based on its over-performance.

Firstly, we make the Front/Side Dodge Kick punishable on Miss.

Secondly, we reduce the window of opportunity to enter Back Flip so that Shinobi is not able to notice the opponent’s action and actively react in time to Back Flip when necessary.

Thirdly, we nerf the Stamina costs of certain moves to make Shinobis slow down their combat output, and introduce moments where they need to consider if they really want to spend the stamina.

Finally, we nerf Shooting Stars so that Shinobi’s aren’t comboing it into Front Dodge Kick.

 If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Ubisoft

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  1. Fuck you ubisoft , I’m done with this shitty game , nerf shinobi but not the real annoying characters like orochi, only came back to play the new shinobi then you nerf him expeditiously fuck you again

    • Bruh you trash at the game so when the devs actually fix a broken mechanic that you were exploiting you get mad and curse them out. It’s not their fault you can’t keep up. They actually did what they were suppose to do and listened to the community and actually cared.

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