Fortnite Leak Reveals Dune Crossover Skins, Including Zendaya

Every week, Epic Games has been revealing new Fortnite skins, cosmetics, and game features. Following previous trends, we’ll finally be seeing a Dune & Zendaya Bundle coming to the game! Most of the time, Fortnite bundle releases relate to upcoming blockbuster movie titles including Batman, John Wick, and Venom.

It’s always fun to see brand-new skins and items being revealed regularly. While these leaks are to be taken with a grain of salt, they definitely are worth checking out as they can be an indicator of what direction Fortnite will be taking!

Prices and Bundle Features

A few images of the new outfits have been released by a popular Fortnite Data Miner, Hypex. The leak showed that these new outfits featured the DUNE actors, Timothe Chalamate and Zandaya, who played the characters of Paul and Chani.

The leak also revealed the bundle price which is about 4600 V-Bucks. Moreover, the bundle also includes: 

  • Melee Weapon (Twin Blades)
  • Ornithopter Attack Ship
  • Sandwalk Emote
  • The Stickworm Wallpaper
  • Fremkits for Characters.

Please keep in mind that these are just un-official leaks and we can’t totally rely on them. The price can be different and the bundle might contain some other skins and costumes too.

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Abdul Mohsin
Abdul Mohsin

Abdul Salam is a passionate gamer, content writer, and youtube from Pakistan. Gaming is something he has been doing since his early childhood. When he is not exploring about gaming culture, get to know that he has slept.

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