Free Fire OB27 Update Leaks | Bermuda Banter, New Weapons, Characters

In the latest series of leaked content, check out this upcoming Free Fire OB27 leaks with all the new content and features coming to the game. The OB26 version of Free Fire is currently going on. On the other hand, the upcoming Free Fire OB27 will roll out very soon to Android and iOS. You will be having a new update that includes new weapons, characters, UI improvements, bug fixes, and more.

Millions of people play the game and they simply can’t wait for the new update to drop. However, for that, they will have to wait a bit more. Moreover, just like before every other season, the leaks of Free Fire OB27 are out as well. Most of them have been told by the developers themselves, while some have been discovered from the advanced servers.

So, in this article, we will be discussing all the leaks circulating around the Free Fire OB27. All the new weapons, characters, and game updates will be discussed along with the release date of the game. Thus, make sure you read it till the end.

Free Fire OB27 Update Release Date

Many players are wondering about the Free Fire OB27 update date. Well, the new update will be dropping on the 14th of April while the Clash Squad Ranked Season will conclude on the 15th of the same month. So, complete all your tasks as you don’t have much time left except a week.

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Free Fire OB27 Leaks

Having seen the Free Fire OB27 release date, let us now go through all the leaks that are making the headlines in the gaming community.

Advanced Server Updates

Free Fire OB27 Bermuda Banter leaks

The advanced server of the game is currently going on. We will take a look at the updates that have been confirmed by the developers.

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State of the Character System

With this update, you can play as a famous celebrity, a high school boy/girl, and other characters. This is the thing that makes the OB27 unique. This is what Bermuda Banter is all about.

UI Adjustments

If you had issues changing skills and abilities before, then don’t worry, because the all-new UI will make it easier for you to switch between skills and abilities without any effort.

Balanced Awakened Abilities

It is all about fair gameplay. Keeping that in mind, the developers have balanced the abilities of some characters. Two that were seen in the Advanced server were Chrono and Wukong. The cooldown for the ability of Chrono was increased, while it decreased for Wukong.

New Weapons

So four new weapons are coming to the game in the next season. The details of all of them are mentioned below.


Kord Free Fire OB27

This weapon is more of a machine gun having a large magazine capacity. However, the fire rate is not that fast. The exact stats of the gun will release along with the update.

Akimbo USP

Only the second akimbo weapon in the game. The USP will be available in the Battle Royale mode of Free Fire.

Scythe and Flamethrower

Scythe will be available in the Clash squad games. on the other hand, the flamethrower will be available in the Classic mode.

New Characters

The following characters will be coming in to the game next season.

Awakened Andrew

Free Fire OB27 characters leaks

The description of the character provided by the developers reads:

“Armor damage reduction boosted by 8%. An additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate carry this skill.”

Besides, the ability of this character is Wolf Pack (Passive).



The description of the character in game reads:

“Gets 100 HP temporarily, 50% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. It lasts for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 150 seconds.”

The ability of Xayne is Xtreme Encounter (Active).

Mystery Character

Mystery Character

The official description of the character in game reads:

“Damage increases with distance, up to 5%. Damage to marked enemies increases by 5%.”

The ability of this mystery character is Falcon Fervor (Passive).

New Pet

Last but not the least, a new pet is also coming in the new season. The details are mentioned below.


Moony FF

This particular pet will be available once the Free Fire OB27 releases. the special ability of Moony is that it will reduce the damage by 20% when the player is using med kits or repairing etc.

This was all about the Free Fire OB27 leaks. The update will be dropping shortly so do not miss out.

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