Genshin Impact: Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues Web Event Rewards, Release Date

Genshin Impact has brought a brand new event for its massive player base and we have the complete information for you. The event lets you make a greeting card to send your wishes. Players can expect to get Primogems and more from the Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues Web event. The brand new event can help you farm Primogems so you are ready when Yae Miko gets released.

Genshin Impact events can be a great way to farm Primogems. This article will be covering every known detail about this event so pack your bags as we dive headfirst into the Genshin Impact Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues Web Event.

What is Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues

Genshin Impact Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues web event: How to join,  all tasks, rewards, more | GINX Esports TV

Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues is a new Genshin Impact event where you have to make Liyue themed greeting cards in order to earn Primogems. In order to play this event, you have to collect inspiration from Coocoo on a daily basis.

You can then consume these Inspirations to make a greeting card and score popularity points for yourself. The more points you score, the better your yield is for the event.

Eligibility Criteria

While the event is too good to pass on, there is a certain criteria that you have to pass in order to participate in the event. It might be a bit unfortunate that everyone cannot participate in the event.

However, seeing that the eligibility criteria is only to reach Adventure Rank 10 or above, most of you will be able to join it and reap the rewards.

How to Make Greeting Cards

There are various kinds of inspirations that you can get from Coocoo that can be claimed daily. The kinds of inspiration given are random so you might have to wait a fair bit.

Once you do obtain all the inspirations required to make a greeting card, you cannot get any more inspirations. There are a total of 3 types of inspirations: greeting card background, companion and others.

You can then share the card you made on the corresponding tab in HoYoLAB but make sure to make an account first if you do not already have one.

How to Play the Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues Event

Anyone can take part in the event as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. To officially enter the event, however, you need to do the following:

That’s it! You have now officially participated in the Genshin Impact Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues Web Event.

Event Rewards

The rewards for the events will be handed out based on popularity. There are a total of 4 levels of rewards you can get from this event and while the early ones might not seem a lot, the rewards scale really nicely by every level up you manage to gain.

Here are all the rewards you can get:

Popularity LevelRewards
1Adventurer’s Experience ×5
2Mystic Enhancement Ore ×5
3Primogems ×60
4Mora ×50,000

Please do note that the in-game mail expires after 30 days so claim these while you still have the chance!

Event Duration

The Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues will start on 29 January and will end on 7 February. which means that you have more than a complete week’s worth of grinding to do. While we are at it, rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends so make sure you claim them on time in order to avoid losing precious grinding hours.

Now that you have known how the event works, it’ll be easier to obtain some free Primogems and rewards. What do you think about this event? Let us know in the comments below!

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