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As miHoYoYo is about to release Genshin Impact Update 1.2, it makes sense for us to talk about all the leaks regarding the update. Therefore, it makes sense for us to look at all the leaks and rumors we currently have for the game. The game has gotten extremely popular over the short span of its release and has attracted a major following. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the developers are pumping out regular updates for the game.

Genshin Impact is a fantasy open world Gacha based RPG game with unique character combat mechanics that differentiate the game from its competition. It has instantaneous character switching and an element based combat system alongside an expansive world as well.

Genshin Impact Update 1.2 Leaks

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Genshin Impact Update 1.2 will be releasing on the 23rd of December, just before the Christmas Holidays. The update will have a lot of new features including bug fixes and general quality of life updates.

Reputation System

The Reputation System is going to be the most important feature added to the game. Each area or region will now have its own reputation level with special rewards. As you explore, do bounties, “sidequests” and “requests” your reputation with a particular area will increase.

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You can track the reputation you have with a region by hovering over the map. Increasing your reputation will let you gain access to new rewards and exclusives that you will not be getting anywhere else in the game.

Gameplay Changes Genshim Impact 1.2

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The new update is also rumored to include a chat function. This will let you tag friends with notes so you can recognize who they are if they were to change their name. You can also now repeat domains without needing to reload back again.

A trackable pin feature is also present in the leaks of Genshin Impact Update 1.2. This will let you get to places much faster in the game. Lastly, you will now be able to co-op instances without disrupting other players and will also be able to auto-play any dialogue.

Here a few other gameplay changes that are confirmed:

  • The ability to lock weapons and artifacts so you don’t accidentally trash them.
  • A compendium allowing you to view info on flora and fauna within Teyvat.
  • Excess EXP overflow when leveling weapons will be translated into ore if possible instead of completely wasted.
  • Characters on expeditions will no longer be unavailable for use in the party.
  • Ability to store your daily resin as Condensed Resin. This way, if you don’t want to play one day you can log on and store your resin to be used later. You can also now spend 40 resin within domains to get double rewards, meaning you only need to do 3 runs to use all your resin up instead of playing it 6 whole times.

New Area – Dragonspine

Dragonspine is rumored to be the new area that will be coming in Genshin Impact Update 1.2. The update will be housing the Inazuma nation. It is rumored that the particular area’s actual lore and questline will be coming in later updates.

This concludes everything you needed to know about Genshin Impact Update 1.2. Stay tuned for more news!

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