How to Get a Tactical Nuke / Nuclear Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot of scorestreaks, weapons, explosives and operator skills to deal as much damage to the opposition as possible. And we get new ones every season as well, just like in the current Season 12, we got the Ballistic Shield. However, there is a killstreak which is the best among all, and that is the Nuclear Bomb or Tactical Nuke.

Like previous Call of Duty games, the mobile variant also has this feature to activate the Nuclear Bomb and kill the enemies by doing so. Today, we will look at how you can get a Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile, what weapons you should use, what perks and how you should play the game. So let’s begin!

What is a Nuke / Nuclear Bomb?

Nuclear Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Nuclear Bomb, commonly known as the Tactical Nuke or just Nuke, is a killstreak weapon which you can use to win the games 99 out of 100 times. Activating the Nuke will not only kill all of your enemies at once, but you will also be able to get the map control and dominate the opposition afterwards.

It basically wipes out all the enemies from the map, and they all will respawn again at their base. Until they come to contest anything, you and your team were already be holding all the angles and would have taken the map control to win the game quite easily in the end.

Activating the Nuclear Bomb will also reward you with two medals. You will get the Nuclear Killer medal for killing enemies with the Nuke, and the Ultimate Terminator medal, which you will get immediately after you activate it.

How to Unlock the Nuclear Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile

Nuclear Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile

Unlocking the Nuke will first of all require you to be at level 20 in the game. Once reaching the required level, you can activate the Nuclear Bomb in games. But it’s not as easy as it seems. You have to get on a kill streak of 20 kills without dying, with your primary or secondary weapon. Kills with the explosives and tacticals also count towards the killstreak.

After you have completed the streak, a “Use Nuclear Bomb” button will appear on the bottom of your screen, which you can press to activate the Nuke and decimate your opponents.

Best Tips and Tactics to Get a Tactical Nuke

There are a lot of approaches you can take for getting a Nuke, but we will tell you the best one. What you need to do basically is always stay in cover first of all. Secondly, your gunfight skills need to be on point to win some fierce battles, if you are playing ranked matches especially.

Now what you should do is stay in cover at one place in the map, kill two to three or maybe one or two more enemies from that position. Afterwards you should change your position since the enemies will be looking to target you at the previous one. You need to continuously rotate around the map so that the enemies can’t track you. You do not want to expose yourself in the middle from where you can be attacked from many angles.

You will be able to get most of your Nukes in games of Domination, since they last long. You can also get one in Hardpoint if you go on an absolute rampage. Search and Destroy will not be giving you a Nuclear Bomb even if you get 20 kills throughout the rounds without dying.

Now let’s look at the best weapon, perks and scorestreaks which will help you in getting your desired killstreak.

Best Weapon

HVK-30 is the best gun to get a Tactical Nuke in COD Mobile

The best weapon hands down, to get a nuke, is the HVK-30. It deals the same damage at 65 meters and 5 meters. It’s large caliber ammo does a huge damage of 48 to the head and you can basically three shot someone even at a very long range, like 65 meters.

The only downside of the HVK-30 is that it has a small mag of 25 rounds and a total of 125 bullets. So, you would need to have the Vulture Perk equipped to keep collecting those ammo packs to not run out of bullets.

The HVK-30 is the current META in the game, and it can shred anyone whether they are at close range or at a longer distance. This should be your go-to gun for getting a Nuclear Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile right now.

Best Perks

The best perks to equip while playing for a Tactical Nuke are Light Weight, Vulture and Dead Silence.

  • Light Weight: Sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.
Light weight perk in COD Mobile

Light Weight is a great Red Perk to equip, since it will increase your sprinting speed as a result increasing your mobility and movement. You can also change your position quickly on the map, with this perk equipped.

  • Vulture: Pick up ammo from kills equal to the magazine capacity of the current weapon.
Vulture Perk in COD Mobile

You do not want to run out of ammo at any stage, so the Vulture Perk in the green perk category is a must have to keep collecting ammo packs after kills.

  • Dead Silence: Silent Movement
Dead Silence Perk in COD Mobile | Best Perks to get a tactical nuke in COD Mobile

Dead Silence is the primary choice in the blue perks. It won’t let the enemies hear your footsteps and you can easily roam around the map without your opposition noticing.

Best Scorestreaks

Following are the list of scorestreaks that you should use in your pursuit of getting a Nuke.

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the minimap.

UAV Scorestreak in COD Mobile

UAV is a great option to help yourself in locating the positions of enemies, so you can easily track and kill them. You can activate it after getting 400 points.

Shock RC: Detects nearby enemies and paralyzes them in a continuous electric shock.

Shock RC Scorestreak in COD Mobile

Shock RC basically guarantees you a free kill. Your enemy won’t be able to move while they are shocked and you can easily go and take the kill. You can activate it after getting 450 points.

Counter UAV: Jams enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabling the enemy minimap.

Counter UAV scorestreak in COD Mobile | Best scorestreaks to get a tactical Nuke in COD Mobile

Counter UAV will temporarily shut down the minimap of enemies as a result hiding your bullet mark on the map as well. Using a silencer will keep your secure on the minimap as your bullet marker won’t appear. But, if you are not using one, you would want to activate the Counter UAV. You can activate it after getting 600 points.

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Best Operator Skill for Tactical Nuke

Transform Shield | Best operator skill to get a tactical nuke in COD Mobile

The best operator skill while playing for a Nuke is the Transform Shield. The transform Shield will not only defend the enemy bullets that are coming your way, but will also give a head glitch advantage to win gunfights.

Moreover, it will also deal damage to the enemies if they come close to the shield, and you can eventually get a Transform Shield kill as a result. However, kills from the operator skills do not count towards Nukes.

This was all about our detailed guide regarding how to get a Tactical Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile. Your game sense and gunfight skills need to be top notch, and you can follow the instructions in this guide to get yourself a Nuclear Bomb in the game.

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