Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Update 2.17 Adds Crafting Updates, Patch Out Soon

2 years after its release, Ghost of Tsushima continues to be one of Sony’s most supported single player games out there. After a full expansion and tons of new content added to the game with some very major patches, Sucker Punch continue to add more to the Samurai epic, this time in the form of additions to the co-op focused Legends mode.

Sucker Punch Studios just announced the next upcoming patch for their open world Samurai fantasy Ghost of Tsushima, Update 2.17 adds a boatload of new content for the horror-themed free co-op expansion, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. This includes an update to the crafting system that improves upon stat re-rolls for various pieces of equipment as well as the ability to make custom modes in platinum survival and add various modifiers of your choice.

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The update also adds certain accessibility options like ability to turn the color of the flash bombs to black instead of the sudden light of God himself.

Ghost of Tsushima launched in July 2020 to highly critical acclaim from critics. The game was praised for its absolutely gorgeous open world as well as for its rendition of the tried and true open world template and how it tried to separate itself from other open world games, while some criticized it for sticking too much to the template and a very clunky camera.

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