Ghostwire: Tokyo Beginner’s Tips

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Ghostwire: Tokyo can be described as Doctor Strange getting sucked into the Ring universe. This Tokyo is filled with monstrous Yokai from Japanese lore and for the uninitiated, these can even become a terror-inducing sight. Some monsters are very horror movie-esque and one might wonder whether this is an action game or horror experience.

We can safely say that it’s an action game that is disguised as a horror game, so you can easily take down any monstrosity rather than cower in the corner. We will be discussing all the ways a beginner can tackle the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Gostwire: Tokyo is not your traditional FPS and has many different and unique game mechanics, we will be going through some of these to make your journey into this ghoulish Tokyo a little easier.

Wind weave

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this ability is your go-to “weapon” having the highest ammo count in the beginning. You can fire this quite swiftly and is perfect for taking down a single enemy. If you charge this attack then it fires off two projectiles at once and later can be upgraded to fire even more projectiles.

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Charge Attacks

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Speaking of charge attacks, this ability lets you unleash a deadlier version of the attack you have equipped with the same amount of ammo as a regular attack. Utilize these charge attacks more often to make quick work of your enemies especially, large enemies or bosses. To make this a faster and more potent ability we recommend upgrading the Charge Attack levels in the skill tree.

Water Weave

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Consider this your Shotgun of Ghostwire. This ability travels a short distance and has a big horizontal slash to deal with multiple close-quarter enemies. Charging this attack will increase the width of the attack for better enemy mob management and damage output.

Fire Weave

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This ability has the lowest ammo count tough it packs the biggest punch out of the bunch. A normal shot will easily take out a single target but this element shines the most when you charge it and the projectile becomes an explosive detonating in a radius, perfect for groups of enemies in close together or large enemies with bigger health pools. From our research you can cheese the entire game just by using this fire weave’s charge attack and deal with anything the game throws at you.

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Ammo Replenishment

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You can get your ammo back by killing enemies and by destroying these floating blue objects. You can locate them by using your Spectral Vision and they will be visible on your screen.


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If you damage your enemy enough their Core will get exposed and you will be prompted to grab it. This is a finisher of sorts and annihilates the enemy instantly after a short but quite amazing grabbing animation. Do grab the core as quickly as you can otherwise the enemies will resume attacking. Also if multiple enemies’ cores are exposed then you can take them down in a single grab animation, multiple finishers. You can upgrade to grab even faster in the skill tree.


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The bow is your best friend when you want to take out enemies from afar and stealthily. Though the ammo for this equipment is hard to come by so don’t forget to stock up at any Cat Vendor you come across.


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These function as your grenades in Ghostwire and have a specific purpose like the Stun Talisman that holds enemies in a radius allowing you to circle them and stealth take out them instantly from the back. These are also hard to come by in the open world so you should buy them from the aforementioned vendors.

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Wire In

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This is your “ultimate”. With enough kills, this ability sends a shockwave exposing most enemies’ cores to you for a faster grabbing. Also, it puts you in a state of berserk where all your ammo is filled and you are powered up till it lasts. The duration it stays activated can be upgraded from the skill tree.


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You can put up a shield to block incoming attacks, though you will receive some chip damage with a normal block. It is recommended that you time your blocks with the attack landing to execute a Perfect Block, where the damage is negated and the enemy is stunned for a follow-up attack by you. You can even send back enemy projectiles by perfect blocking.

Are you enjoying Ghostwire: Tokyo? Are there are any advanced tips that you can tell us? Let us know in the comments below.

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