Gran Turismo 7 Trophy List (All Achievements)

The PlayStation exclusive Gran Turismo 7 is racing to the players on March 4, 2022, and just as always, the trophies are leaked online. For all you completionists out there this will help you in ascertaining how long will it take to get that Platinum Trophy. Though the game is not story-centric if you still want to go in fresh skip this list. For people who are still interested, let’s get down to it.

There are many trophies to accumulate and some are very difficult to achieve while others are just downright whacky. Some trophies you will end up achieving just by following the normal gameplay others will require a more hands-on approach. So let’s see what’s in store for you racing enthusiasts.

All Gran Turismo 7 Trophies

The newest entry in the long-running PlayStation racing sim Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner. There are tons of trophies that you have to tackle ranging from hard to tedious. These trophies just require a dedicated mind to jump through the hoops.

The hardest Trophy is getting Gold for all of the license tests and the most bizarre one on the list is buying the same car 10 times. All these questions in your head will be answered once the game is released.

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Here’s a list of all the achievements and trophies currently expected to be coming out for Gran Turismo 7. The list is susceptible to change as this is leaked information and no official announcement has been made:

TrophiesDescription (How To Unlock)
All Trophies Obtained (Platinum)Acquired all Gran Turismo 7 trophies!
Hard Work Pays Off (Gold)Earned Gold in all licenses
Circuit Master (Silver)Completed 15 tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Experience
Driving the Autobahn Together (Silver)Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the entire German Autobahn network: 13,191km (8,197 miles)
Speed Archdemon (Silver)Reached a speed of 600km/h (373mph)
Three Legendary Cars (Silver)Acquired three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24-hour races
A Bit of a Boost (Bronze)Purchased a turbo or supercharger 10 times
A Taste of Tuning (Bronze)Bought and equipped tuning parts
All-Rounder (Bronze)Won with a lead of 10 seconds or more, in a race of at least two laps
By a Country Mile (Bronze)Hidden Story Trophy Description 6
By a Whisker (Bronze)Won a race with a lead of 0.5 seconds or less
Circuit Apprentice (Bronze)Completed five tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Experience
Clean Racer (Bronze)Completed a race without leaving the track of any collisions
Crossing the Atlantic Together (Bronze)Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the first-ever non-stop Transatlantic flight: 5,810km (3,610 miles)
Digging the Dirt (Bronze)Won 10 races on dirt tracks
Done in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Drove a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit in under one minute
Driving for 24 Hours (Bronze)Drove the length of one complete 24 Hours of Le Man’s race: 2,209.538km (1,372.942 miles)
Driving the Angeles Crest Highway (Bronze) Drove the length of the Angeles Crest Highway (US) – 66 miles (106km)
Driving Route 66 (Bronze)Drove the length of Route 66 (US): 2,451 miles (3,945km)
Fill Her Up (Bronze)Took a pitstop during a race that featured fuel consumption, and filled your tank
Firm Favorite (Bronze)Bought the same car 10 times
Formula First Timer (Bronze)Drove a Formula car
Fully Licensed (Bronze)Earned all licenses
Heavy Haulage (Bronze)Bought a pickup truck
In-Depth Mastery (Bronze)Finished 50 races in Sport Mode
Join the 200-mph Club (Bronze)Reached a speed of 200mph (322km/h)
Let’s Go Carbon Neutral! (Bronze)Bought an electric car
Living with a Legend (Bronze)Bought a car at the Legend Cars dealership
Living Your Car Life (Bronze)Started the first menu
Looking Good! (Bronze)Bought and equipped aerodynamic parts
Memento from Le Mans (Bronze)Took a Scapes photo of an Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) on the Circuit de la Sarthe
Memento from the Nurburgring (Bronze)Took a Scapes photo of a BMW Gr.3 car on the Nurburgring
Motor Mania (Bronze)Stored 50 cars in your Garage
Moving on Up (Bronze)Moved up five or more positions in a single lap
New Treads (Bronze)Took a pitstop during a race and changed you tires
No Assistance Required! (Bronze) Completed a race without any assist settings
No Car, No Life (Bronze)Stored 100 cars in your Garage
Podium Fixture (Bronze)Finished on the podium ten times
Rain Royalty (Bronze)Acquired your rain license
Round and Round (Bronze)Drove 500 miles (804.672km) on oval tracks
Running on Empty (Bronze) Ran out of fuel in a race which featured fuel consumption
Safety First (Bronze)Bought a safety car
Smoking Hot (Bronze)Earned 10,000pts in Drift Trials
Snap-Happy (Bronze)Took 100 photos in Scapes or Race Photos
Speed Demon (Bronze) Reached a speed of 500km/h (311mph)
Sport Mode Debut (Bronze)Finished a race in Sport Mode
Squeaky Clean (Bronze)Washed a car 10 times
Student of Motoring History (Bronze)Completed the first car collecting menu
The First Step to Mastery (Bronze)Completed a track (all sectors) in Circuit Experience
Time Attacker  (Bronze)Took part in 100-time trials
Toughening Up (Bronze)Increased a car’s body rigidity 10 times
Warning: Wide Load! (Bronze)Fit a wide body
Wheely Good Fun (Bronze)Bought 10 sets of wheels

How do you like the trophies in the game? Do you think you will be going for the Platinum in Gran Turismo 7? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. Interesting, i know at one point Gran Turismo was considered as one of the most time consuming and rarest platinums. I know GT Sport required a constant Internet connection, pretty sure GT7 also requires a constant Internet connection. So your always connected to the dev’s servers, Gran Turismo Sport you can play without a Internet connection but couldn’t save your progress (i think) or earn any trophies. Wonder how Gran Turismo 7 will be as for having a constant Internet connection.

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