GTA Online “Gunrunning Event”: Everything New In It

GTA Online has launched a new event this week called the Gunrunning event. This event came in with the Los Santos Tuners DLC and it introduced many additions to the game. With this event, get ready to have tons of discounts, cars, and bonus activities. This guide will show you everything new in the Gunrunning event in GTA Online.

It’s nice to see that GTA Online is getting regular updates before the release of the Expanded and Enhanced edition of GTA V. What changes were made in this update? Let’s find out about everything new in the Gunrunning Event in GTA V Online.

Everything New in Gunrunning Event: GTA V Online

This update goes live on December 2 and the event will go live on December 14th at 01:00 PST / 04:00 EST / 09:00 BST. As aforementioned, there are tons of new things being added to the game so make sure that you go through this guide to know about everything.

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

GTA V Online Everything New in Gunrunning Event

3x GTA$ & RP this week on

  • Bunker, Diamond, and Missile Base Adv Modes

2x GTA$ & RP this week on

  • Mobile Operations Missions
  • Top Fun Versus Mode

50% More GTA$ & RP on

  • Bunker Sell Missions

2x Reputation Bonus:

  • Street Races
  • Pursuit Races
  • Sprints


Cars & Other Vehicle discounts this week:

40% Off

  • Jugular ($796,250 – $597,187)
  • Penumbra FF ($897,000)
  • Tempesta ($863,850)

30% Off

  • P-996 LAZER ($4,550,000)

Weapon discounts this week:

  • Nothing to report this week.

Clothing discounts this week:

30% Off

  • LS Tuners Racing Suits

Property & business discounts this week:

  • Bunkers (+Renovations & Upgrades)
  • Mobile Operations Centers (+Renovations)

Prize Ride Car & Challenge

To claim the Emperor Vectre – the latest Prize Car Challenge Vehicle – you must place top 5 in 12 LS Car Meet Series Races. This vehicle costs up to $1,785,000 if you want to buy it normally. Winning it in this challenge is a massive victory as this car is quite nice. It is a 2-door car but it looks absolutely stunning.

New Podium Vehicle

The Diamond Casino Resort is offering this week’s Podium Vehicle – the Mammoth Squaddie. It comes in at a price of $1,130,000 so make sure to save up some cash before this update goes live.

This Week’s Time Trial

Everything New in Gunrunning Event

Like every week, this week also has a time trial challenge. completing the Grove Street challenge within the time frame will grant you a reward of $100,000 in-game money. The time to complete this challenge is 01:30:00 so make sure that you get your fastest car and finish the challenge.

Free Log-In Bonuses

Free Log In Bonuses

If you log in during this event, you’ll get the Manor PRBG Tee Tee. All players that play GTA V Online during this time period are eligible to earn this reward so make sure that you log in during this time. For a free T-shirt, it looks good and it’s worth it to collect it.

That’s everything coming to GTA Online in the Gunrunning event. We are super excited for this event to go live so we can play it. Let us know in the comments below what addition is your favorite and what are you looking forward to. In the meantime, take a look at how to get Claude Prison Outfit in GTA Online. Also, if you haven’t already, then find out how to get the Wasted! Tee as well.

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