Hackney Yard Map Now Available in Call of Duty: Mobile

We are promised some new maps, modes, weapons, operator skills, events, seasonal challenges and lucky draws in every season of Call of Duty: Mobile. The ongoing Season 12 is no exception. We have got the AGR 556 as the new weapon, Ballistic shield as the new operator skill and the limelight of today’s article, the Hackney Yard as our new map for the current season.

Hackney Yard came along with the new update and there’s a night mode also available for the map. Let’s look at all the details about the new addition to the maps of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Hackney Yard Map – Overview

Hackney Yard map overview

Hackney Yard was one of the most highly praised maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and now it has made it’s way to the mobile version of the game. It’s basically a medium sized map, with many hop-ups. Being on the upper level will give you a lot of advantage over your enemies.

It also has many close quarters so the likes of Fennecs and QQ9s will be the primary weapons here, if you are a rush player. Otherwise you can go with the old ARs or LMGs and hold certain angles.

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Dark Mode

Hackney Yard map night mode in cod mobile

Along with Summit and Crash, Hackney Yard has also got it’s night mode version, which is absolutely amazing to play. Your vision needs to be on point though, to spot the enemies since it won’t be daylight to make things clear.

It’s available to play in the exclusive Going Dark – Team Deathmatch playlist.

Game Modes Available on Hackney Yard

Hackney Yard map in COD Mobile game modes

Hackney Yard is one of those maps that offers each and every game mode. This makes the players more excited to master the map. Having said that, it will be coming to ranked matches, and might make it’s way into competitive tournaments soon as well, just like Terminal Map last season.

Hackney Yard offers the following game modes:

  • Team Death Match
  • Search & Destroy
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Team Death Match – Night
  • Attack of the Undead – Night

This was all about the fan favorite map from Modern Warfare, making it’s way to COD Mobile. The current update of season 12 in Call of Duty: Mobile has been a big hit, and the addition of Hackney Yard to the game is one of the biggest reasons for that. Go and try the map out yourself to learn more about it.

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