Halo Infinite: Best Controller Settings (Xbox)

After waiting for what feels like an eternity, Halo Infinite is finally released and it is worth all the hype. Fans of the series can play it right now whether on PC or on Xbox. If you are among the many players playing on Xbox, this guide will show you the best Halo Infinite controller settings.

If you are playing on a controller, there are many settings that you can adjust to get an advantage over your opponent. Once you find the best settings, make sure that you practice a lot to get a hang of them. This guide is absolutely subjective so make sure to test the waters with various settings to get a better feel for it. With that said, let’s find out the best Halo Infinite controller settings!

Best Xbox Controller Settings for Halo Infinite

The main settings that you can adjust on a controller are the keybinds and the sensitivity. While almost every player has their own preference, there are some settings that will make life easier for you. Try them out and if you do not like them, you can always revert back to your favorite setting. Just like our sensitivity for PC, we will explain each step in detail.

Best Keybinds

After trying out various keybinds, we came to the conclusion that the default one is the best in Halo Infinite for the controller. This is mostly because the majority of the players have muscle memory of these controls since every FPS game uses them. Here are all the keybinds you can use in Halo Infinite:

LBThrow Grenade
Left StickSprint
Right StickCrouch/Slide
YSwitch Weapon
BUse Equipment
D-Pad UpMark
D-Pad LeftGrenade Switcher
D-Pad DownAI Scan
D-Pad RightDrop Weapon

Best Sensitivity for Controller

The sensitivity usually depends on the player but the settings discussed below are the ones that we found to be best. There are many small factors to consider here such as the move sensitivity and the deadzone. The latter allows your character to feel more responsive without having to move the joystick a lot.

Look Acceleration4
Look Sensitivity (Horizontal)6
Look Sensitivity (Vertical)6
Center Deadzone (Move)7
Maximum Input Threshold (Move)10
Axial Deadzone (Move)6
Center Deadzone (Look)6
Maximum Input Threshold (Look)10
Axial Deadzone (Look)3 (As low as possible)

As aforementioned, these settings are completely subjective and depends on every player. However, we recommend that you try them out to see the results. After adjusting your sensitivity settings, make sure to play a few games to fully adapt to them.

That about does it for our guide about the best Halo Infinite controller settings. Try out the various settings, mess with them and let us know what you think after trying them out. We would also love to know what sensitivity and keybinds you are using right now in the comments below.

If you want to adjust the graphic settings, make sure to check out our guide about the best Halo Infinite graphics and UI settings for the ideal balance between performance and FPS.

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Umer Cheema

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  1. Love it. I use a nearly identical layout. But it looks like you might have the same problem as me. Where does the “zoom level” keybind go? Without it there’s no way to zoom in with snipers. But it doesn’t seem like there’s a button left for it. As of right now I can’t find a way to set a binding conditionally.

    • Hey! Thank you so much for your appreciation! And yes, there seems to be no way to set conditional binds as of yet. No matter how far you try, the layout is relatively messed up as compared to previous Halo games.

      We might end up seeing some changes as the game gets to its final release shape!

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