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Hitman 3 is going to be releasing for all platforms on 20th January. Nowadays, games can be pre-loaded before they are released officially, so you can hop in as soon as the developers open the floodgates. Hitman 3 has taken the same approach, and today, We are going to be showing you how you can Preload Hitman 3 on every platform and its official release times.

Hitman 3 has generated a lot of hype since the day it was announced. With developers IO Interactive teasing features such as custom scenarios that let you craft your own missions and perks such as re-playable checkpoints, which makes the game much easier to explore, the game is setting out to be a perfect expansion to the already critically acclaimed franchise.

Hitman 3 Preload and Unlock Times

hitman 3 preload unlock time

Pre-loading the game requires about 60-70 GB on every platform. However, you might need 10 GBs more as some files need some space before they are decompressed. Here is how you can preload Hitman 3 on every platform, including the PS5 and Xbox.

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  • Xbox: You can pre-load the game by going to the Microsoft Store and purchasing the game. You will then get an option to pre-load. If you have purchased the game already, then you should be able to pre-load it without any hassle.
  • PlayStation: Users on the PS5 or PS4 can start preloading the game from the PlayStation store about 9 AM Eastern Time on the 18th of January.
  • PC: Sadly, the PC has no preload option on Epic Games Store which is the only place you can pre-order the game from.
  • Switch / Stadia: Users who are eager to play the game on Switch or Google Stadia will get the game as soon as it is released with no need of pre-loading as it will be streamed for the cloud.

Unlock Time

Hitman 3 will be unlocking globally on all regions on every platform at exactly the same time. Here is the exact time:

  • GMT: 1:00 PM
  • Pacific Time: 5:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 8:00 AM

If you are confused about what this means in your timezone, you can convert Hitman 3’s Release Time to your region here.

This concludes everything you needed to know about Hitman 3’s Release Date, Time and how you can pre-load the game. Stay tuned for more news!

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