Hitman 3 Roadmap Revealed for February 2021

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Hitman 3 has turned out to be one of the biggest game releases for this year. Surprisingly, the game already recouped its development costs. That’s within a week of its release! Thankfully, leading on with the hype, the developers have revealed the entire roadmap for Hitman 3.

The first update is going to be coming out on the 23rd of February. The new update will be bringing a lot of new content to the game, such as contracts, items, and other events. Take a look at the entire roadmap, so you know when to expect what.

Hitman 3 Roadmap Details

hitman 3 roadmap

The developers have promised that the new Hitman will have constant content updates with new levels, variations, and characters being constantly added to the game. Here’s the roadmap of what the Developers have promised for Hitman 3 so far:

  • Feb 23 – The Gauchito Antiquity
  • Feb 23 – The Proloff Parable
  • Feb 11 – Dubai Featured Contracts
  • Feb 23 – Datmoor – Featured Contracts
  • March 8 – The Decievers
  • Feb 4 – The Baskerville Barney
  • Feb 18 – The Sinbad Stringet

As you can see, most of these updates are mainly level updates with some variations added to levels like the Gauchito Antiquity. The developers are going to release the next roadmap for the game by the end of February for March 2021.

Hitman 3 has turned out to be the most successful game for developers IO Interactive since a while. This game has been the most successful in this franchise so far. Therefore, it only makes sense that there are going to be a lot more content updates with paid and free DLC content coming out soon as well.

Whenever the update arrives for Hitman 3, you can check BRGeeks for the patch notes and new content guides.

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