The Soundtrack of Horizon Forbidden West is Now Available!

A piece of good news for Horizon Forbidden West players is here and we have the complete information on it for you! From now on, you can stream the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack on several streaming platforms. Sony Music has joined hands with Guerrilla in order to make this happen. You will be able to choose your picks now both in and out of the game while jamming to the HFW soundtrack.

More releases will be coming soon so follow along if you want to know more. You will be able to play this amazing OST. The Horizon franchise has always been well reputed when it comes to its unique and immersive soundtracks. If you want to learn the complete details of how this happened then head below!

Horizon Forbidden West OST Full Album

There are about a total of 39 songs that have been released to the already 43 song list in this Gurreilla x Sony Music cooperation and here’s the full list for you to go through:

Song NameDuration (Spotify)
Whatever Comes 3:09
Aloy’s Theme3:28
In the Flood3:10
The World on Her Shoulders3:40
Echo of You4:02
Mother of All3:45
Shelter from the Storm5:20
Built to Kill2:58
Rusted Sands4:18
Guardian of the Deep3:17
No Footfalls to Follow3:13
Look Deeper1:27
As Certain as Stone3:43
These Stones Unturned3:46
The Winds of the Ten2:03
Second Chance3:46
This Place, This Moment2:13
Resilience to Rise2:25
In the Flood – Lovisa’s Version2:13
A Promise to Uphold4:18
Restless as the Weald2:54
The Trail We Leave Behind3:41
Edge of the Sundom3:23
A Steady Breath3:02
Off the Trail3:02
Restricted Access3:21
Wither and Ache4:01
The Chorus2:34
Solace Beneath the Stars4:31
A Scattered Reflection2:49
Machine Made3:37
Figments of Time3:51
Riddles in Ruins3:51
Steel Bones2:45
Marvels Below2:32
By Choice, by Fate7:08

The album is available on popular music streaming websites. Here are the full details along with the relevant links:

Release Date for Horizon Forbidden West Music

YouTube video

While some of the music has already been released, more are expected to come. These additional released will be joining the fray on March 10 and March 25.

What are your views on Horizon Forbidden West Music so far? Have you been liking the newly released OSTs? Let us know in the comments below!

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