How to Kill Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon’s uniqueness is its mechanical fauna. There is a whole ecosystem of these roaming around the land. Some machines can become a major problem for Aloy if they are not dealt with swiftly. Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West is one such machine that requires some strategy to takedown and here we will teach you how to do it.

These machines, when scanned, will provide data on its weak spots along with its weaknesses, and exploiting them to the best of your ability is the gist of this game. There will be a straight forward way of killing them using heavy weaponry or there is a more effective and rewarding way, the choice is up to you.


Grimhorn is a Triceratops-looking machine that is a more aggressive and weaponized version of the Plowhorn. They are hard to takedown because of their various tools ready to annihilate you. You should approach them having done your homework so that you can make use of their arsenal against them and get better loot in the process. Their various weak spots and elemental weaknesses that you can capitalize on are mentioned below.

Horizon Forbidden West Grimhorn Machine Guide

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Weak Spots and Weakness


image 391

Using weapons that deal Acid and Purgewater damage are advised and Fire and Shock have little to no effect on them.


image 386

Their horns spew out various fire-based attacks so getting rid of these will take away their primary offensive capabilities and save yourself from being burned. This component can be separated using Tear damage to be looted as a resource to upgrade your weapons and outfits, if you don’t separate it before Grimhorn is killed the horns will be lost.

Blaze Sac

image 387

This is where the fuel for their fire attacks is stored and explode if you damage it enough. Now there is a dilemma to this weak spot, either you destroy it to use its explosion to deal massive area damage and stop the fire attacks or you save it until the Grimhorn is dead to loot it for resource. The choice is yours!

Cluster Launcher

image 388

This component gets annoying if you are trying to stay at a distance to deal with this monstrosity. It will rain down cluster bombs at you and deal substantial damage. Although it’s their asset to make your life hell, it can be removed and used by Aloy to flip the table and used against the giant, even after Grimhorn is downed these weapons can be picked up and used.

Tail Clamp & Tail Capsule

If you shoot the Tail Clamp, in the left picture, the tail will be immobilized and tail attacks will stop momentarily. Furthermore, doing so will open up the Tail Capsule, in the right picture, which contains a bunch of valuable resources. These resources can only be accessed while in a fight, otherwise, if Grimhorn is destroyed all these will be lost with it.

Depending on what you prefer, a more offensive strategy or one where you require the loot to upgrade your gear, you can approach the weak spots accordingly. Let us know how you like to take down Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West. And if you are facing any issue in this game here is our guide to that.

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