KingsClan Wins Western EU Regional Playoffs for COD Mobile Championship

COD Mobile World Championship 2020

We are finally done with the Regional Playoffs of Western Europe, and it is KingsClan which came out on top amongst the best 8 teams of the region. They pulled off an INFLUENCE RAGE by winning the tournament from loser’s bracket. It was no way near easy, as all the teams were super competitive and there was no room for error.

Western Europe was the second last region to qualify for the stage 5 of COD Mobile World Championship 2020, after, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, Rest of the World and Garena.

Every Match Detail of KingsClan

Let’s have a look at how the matches of KingsClan went and what they did to qualify for stage 5.

1st Match: Against French Infinity

A rather convincing 3-1 win to get things underway. French infinity didn’t prove to be a hurdle for the champions of Western Europe. KingsClan won the 1st Hardpoint map pretty easily 150-33 and SnD, 6 to 3.

French Infinity got a glimpse of hope in the third domination map, where they won a close match 150-147, but only to lose the 4th Hardpoint map 150-49.

Semifinal: Against Team Singularity

Going up against a fan favorite team Singularity, Kings must have been a bit under-pressure. They barely lost the 1st hardpoint map 148-150 as we saw Singularity making a comeback after being down 80 odd to 140. However, things were equalized at 1-1 after KingsClan won the SnD, 6-3.

Singularity again went ahead after winning the domination map, but they couldn’t capitalize on that as KingsClan absolutely decimated them 150-32 in the 4th map of hardpoint. They also won the last SnD with the same scoreline as before, and as a result confirming their place in the upper bracket finals.

Upper Bracket Final: Against Cold Esports

Fast forward to second day, one of the favorites to win the tourney, Cold Esports faced Kings in the upper bracket finals to get a spot in the grand finals of the playoffs. No one expected a clean sweep, but, that’s exactly what happened. Cold Esports made it look like a walk in the park as they won the hardpoint map, 150-118, SnD, 6-3 and domination, 150-79 to become the first team to qualify for the finals of the qualifiers.

Fortunately, it was a double elimination format tournament, so KingsClan went to the lower bracket finals, where they got another chance to get their hands on the trophy.

Lower Bracket Final: Against Team Singularity

Team Singularity, who got defeated by Kings in the semifinal, got their turn to take revenge. But it’s easier said than done. Though, SNG won the 1st hardpoint map 150-101, KingsClan won the SnD with a one sided 6-1 score. They also won an extremely close affair at Firing Range, winning a nail-biter domination game, 150-148.

Team Singularity is called “The Kings of Comeback” and there’s a reason for that. Been down 127-35 on 4th hardpoint map, they kept their cool and completed a near impossible comeback by winning 150-145. However it wasn’t enough because the decider SnD was won by the Kings 6-4 to qualify for the finals.

Grand Final: Against Cold Esports

1st Match

Everything to play for. Both teams giving their all, to qualify for the championship finals. Just like the upper bracket final, Cold started with a thumping win by 150-44 in the first hardpoint map. KingsClan managed to win the 2nd SnD but Cold Esports took the lead again by winning domination, 150-110.

KingsClan, however, had a huge turnaround, which saw them winning the 4th hardpoint as well as the last SnD map by the scores of 150-73 and 6-2, respectively.

2nd Match

The job wasn’t done here. Kings had to win another Bo5 series, as they came from the lower bracket. Having said that, the first hardpoint game went in favor of them 150-67 and the 2nd search and destroy was also won 5-2. Taking a 2-nil lead in the all important final. But, the favor was returned by Cold Esports, as they won the 3rd dom and 4th hardpoint map, rather easily, to tie things up at 2-2.

It all came down to the final Search and Destroy map. Nine maps couldn’t separate the two teams. To everyone’s surprise, KingsClan literally walked over Cold Esports in the last game. They won 6 to nothing, and qualified for stage 5 of the world championship with some dominancy!

Final Standings

Here are the final standings along with the prize money, that teams will be receiving.

Western Europe Reginal Playoffs final standings | COD Mobile World Championship 2020

We congratulate KingsClan on winning the West EU Regional Playoffs, and are excited to see them in stage 5. We’ll now be waiting for North America to play their qualifiers, and they will do so on 24th and 25th of October. We’ll keep you updated with all the results from there as well.

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