Madden NFL 22 November Title Update: What to Expect?

The October Scouting Update has finally been released after a lot of delay from EA Sports. The game, ripe with new features and gameplay has seen its fair share of bugs and glitches popping up that have yet to be unresolved. Therefore, we should be seeing most of these issues being fixed in the November Title Update.

As of yet, it seems like EA is following a monthly update pattern with critical bug fixes coming in on a bi-weekly basis. As such, while the game is relatively new, we can expect new content and overall stability to be improved by the end of the year. You can find out all our anticipations for the Madden NFL 22 November Title Update down below.

Madden NFL 22 November Title Update: What To Expect?

While we aren’t precisely sure of what will be coming out in the latest Madden NFL 22 update, there have been a lot of problems with saves that have rendered Offline Franchise Mode to be nigh-unplayable.

Moreover, we still haven’t seen a fix for the game disconnecting you from servers in random intervals with several glitches also being seen in online matches. However, as of yet, there hasn’t been a lot of indications as to whether we’ll be seeing new features being added to the game.

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We’ll be updating this post if we do get our hands on reports of something new popping up in the November Title Update for Madden NFL 22.

Are you able to play Madden NFL 22 properly? Or are you waiting for the update to patch things up? Let us know in the comments section down below.

Saad Muzaffar
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  1. Hey i been playing madden for a long time I also have been a equipment guy even longer I love cratering players but I think we should be able to at lest edit the color of are shoes and gloves we should be able to wear anything on are are at the same time we need more freedom when it comes to equipment

  2. Online H2H custom playbook still not fixed on next gen Xbox series s.Still no playbook or players on the field, but the home team players are there.When I’m the home team using custom playbook everything is good to go,it’s just when I’m the road team that’s when the glitch happens.

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