Marvel’s Avengers Adds Captain America Infinity War Uniform

Crystal Dynamics has added Captain America’s Infinity War skin to Marvel’s Avengers – The Game. Available now via the in-game marketplace, you can take on the look yourself. The game’s art team has undoubtedly done a great job bringing back the rogue Captain America look. Be prepared to empty your wallets if you wish to roll up the first Avenger’s sleeves and slap a beard on his face for the nostalgic Infinity war look.

Since its release in 2020, Marvel’s Avengers has faced criticism for its lack of endgame content and technical issues. The developers at Crystal Dynamics don’t seem to give up on the game as new content is continuously being introduced. Three new playable Avengers with their story campaigns have already been released within a year. Alongside this, multiple outfits have also been added to the market.

Captain America’s Infinity War Suit Price

You can purchase Captain America’s Infinity War suit from the game’s in-game marketplace for $16. That’s almost the price for a second-hand copy of the game itself.

The new suit reflects the iconic appearance of Chris Evans’ live-action portrayal of the character on the run from the government, reflected in his suit’s darker coloration and lack of a chest star.

Over-priced DLC is one of the game’s biggest issues right now. Do you think the new suit’s price will be lowered after all the concerns are being raised all over social media? Let us know in the comments section below.

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