Minecraft: Seaside Story | A New Map Designed Especially for Mobile

Mojang Studios has just released a brand new second Minecraft map specially designed for mobile players. The new map is called Seaside Story and is available for grabs on the Minecraft marketplace. Designed by Gamemode One, the Seaside Story map is specially designed for pocket editions and mobile users. You can get it in the bedrock version, too, but mobile devices, in particular, will offer the smoothest experience possible.

The Seaside Story map is a brand new fishing-themed map with some new features. The new map offers twenty types of fish to eat, tame, and imprison in your water bucket. The players can also customize and upgrade their fishing gear and boats as they like. Minecraft: Seaside Story map has fishing-related side quests to giving players enough content to keep them engaged throughout the journey. Grab your fish gear and unlock more biomes as you progress in the new map.

A New Map Especially designed for Mobile Phones

A few months back, a common meme point of view caught heat in the Minecraft community that mobile players are being ignored by Mojang and other developers. As a reply by Mojang mobile-optimized Minecraft maps were announced. New mobile-focused additions are an excellent thing for mobile players as new maps and features are being introduced in the game specifically designed for Pocket Editions. This is a clear sign by Mojang that mobile players have not been forgotten at all.

A few weeks ago, another map Minecraft: Emerald Tycoon by Razzleberries, was added. It was the first-ever map optimized for mobile devices. It was promised at the time of the release of the first map that a second map designed with mobile Bedrock players in mind would be released too. Mojang has kept up with its promise, and Minecraft: Seaside Story map has been released.

Other users with devices that run Bedrock Version can get the Minecraft: Seaside Story map, too, but for the smoothest experience possible, you’ll need a mobile device as developers have optimized the new map for mobile phones.

How to Get the New Minecraft: Seaside Story?

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft: Seaside Story map is available to download at the official Minecraft Marketplace without any cost. The new map is available for free until April 21, 2022 (next year). So what are you waiting for? Head on to the marketplace and claim the new map for free.

Minecraft maps are a great way to play Minecraft differently and get a different perspective on the game. Some of them change the whole outlook of the game. Do you like the new Minecraft: Seaside Story map? Let us know in the comments section below.

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