Need for Speed Mobile (2022) Gameplay Video Leaked, Android and iOS Release Expected

Need for Speed Mobile 2022

Today is an exciting day for all Need for Speed fans, especially those looking forward to a new racing game on mobile. A video featuring leaked gameplay of a new Need For Speed (NFS) Mobile 2022 game has surfaced on the internet, and we will be taking an in-depth look at it in this guide.

Need for Speed Mobile 2022 Alpha Video Leaked

Need for Speed fans is pretty excited because a new video has surfaced on YouTube featuring some gameplay of a new/upcoming mobile game. It’s a very brief 45-second video, but it shows a lot of nifty details.

YouTube video

Firstly, the visuals look absolutely stunning even for a mobile game, and some people might even argue that it looks as good as a AAA console game, but that’s subjective.

We see some daytime gameplay in the leaked video where the player was driving a Maclaren-F1 and a Lamborghini. There was some night gameplay as well, where a Lambo was being driven in what seemed like a Circuit Race.

Need for Speed 2022 Mobile

Need for Speed (NFS) 2022 Mobile Release Date

EA has yet to announce any concrete release date for this upcoming game. It’s all news and teases for now. EA has, however, posted a tweet on their official Twitter account, in which we can see a car being chased by the police.

It seems to be a screenshot from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, but we don’t know what that means and why that was posted. More news and actual release date are expected in the days to come.

Is Need for Speed Mobile Releasing on iOS?

Many of you might have this question whether the latest NFS Mobile game is coming to iOS or not. And to answer your question, yes, it will be coming out for both Android and iOS.

Need for Speed 2022 Mobile

So, no matter which mobile OS you are on, you’ll be able to enjoy the game on your phone.

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  1. Nikki_boagreis Avatar

    I remember NFS Heat at release, if you used any kind of decals or custom parts the game would hard-lock as soon as you started a race. It was fine until you went to start a race and within seconds of starting the game would completely freeze.
    Im interested in seeing more footage from the NFS Underground 2 Unreal Engine Remake, and knowing will it only be available on current gen or will it be available for last gen systems as well.

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