New World Release Date, Price, and Pre-Load Time Revealed

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New World has been gaining attention for the past few months. The new game is finally out of beta and all set to be released. The developers held an open beta from September 9 to September 12. Ever since the New World announcement came out, fans have been waiting with their fingers crossed, and after a long tempting wait, the game is finally set to release for PC tomorrow. Here is all the information regarding the release of the new game.

Fans have many expectations from Amazon Game Studios because of all the hype. New World is Amazon’s latest MMORPG game that looks like a standard open-world RPG. You can progress by fighting monsters, leveling up, and finding or crafting new gear. You can group up with other players to take on world events or attempt a boss fight. Explore new areas, kill enemies, find new resources, and craft new stuff on your way to ultimate glory.

New World Release Date

Ever since its announcement, New World has succumbed to numerous delays. The most recent delay is its third, initially expected in August 2020, then in Spring 2021, then August 2021. The announcement came with a spectacular trailer at The Game Awards 2019. It immediately caught positive responses from game critics, and fans have been waiting for its release ever since.

However, after a long wait, the brand new MMORPG will officially release globally on September 28, 2021, for PC. Here’s a quick look at the trailer:

YouTube video

Pre-Load Times

Here are the pre-load times for the game according to numerous stage:

  • 08:00 AM PT
  • 03:00 PM GMT
  • 02:00 PM BST
  • 11:00 AM ET

We don’t know the exact size of the game yet, but the official website recommends a storage space of 50GB. With this in mind, we can expect the game to be roughly of the same size.

New World Pre-Order Price

The new game is available to pre-purchase on Steam. Here is the price list for the two editions of the new game.

  • Pre-purchase New World for $18.99
  • Pre-purchase New World Deluxe for $23.99

It is always exciting to watch a brand new game launch, especially with all the hype and pressure from the fans. Do you think the new MMORPG will be a record-breaker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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