NHL 21 Patch 1.3 Expected This Week | Franchise Mode Changes, New HUT Matchmaking

NHL 21

EA Sports is expected to launch NHL 21 Patch 1.3 this week with a series of updates in it. This was confirmed by Clappy, the community manager at EA for NHL 21. According to him, you can expect a patch this week with fixes to Franchise Mode trade values, new HUT matchmaking mechanic and gameplay updates and fixes.

NHL 21’s last update was released over two weeks back when the Patch 1.2 and an emergency update called Patch 1.21 was rolled out. This update is being anticipated because players have been asking for fixes and reporting a lot of bugs that need to be addressed by EA.

NHL 21

NHL 21 Patch 1.3 Update Notes (Expected)

We will definitely have a complete list of patch notes from EA like in every game update, but we can expect a few confirmed changes as have been posted on Twitter by the EA Community Manager for NHL 21.

– Fixes to Franchise Mode trade values, record book and created player default skating

– New HUT matchmaking mechanic

– Gameplay updates and fixes

— via Clappy

So yes, the above three changes are going to be the main highlights of this patch, but we are more curious to see what gameplay updates will take place with this upcoming patch.

NHL 21 Complaints

As we mentioned, a number of players have been asking for other annoying bugs to be fixed that has been spoiling the main gameplay. For instance, edit player styles / positions in Franchise Mode needs fixes along with changes to the trade deadline and other coaching issues.

Players are also requesting EA to update the servers as connections have been very spotty and they are quite bad between West and Eastern players when playing together. Primarily, players are asking for more bandwidth on the servers side for better pings.

There is a long list of bugs that need to be addressed by EA as they have been widely reported by the NHL 21 players online. Let’s wait and see the changes that will come with this NHL 21 Patch 1.3 update when it will be out later this week.

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