All Overwatch Halloween Terror Weekly Rewards & Challenges

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Overwatch brings out another year of thrills with the recently announced Halloween Terror event with weekly rewards and challenges. The players will be able to play matches and earn loot boxes that would grant them access to a wide variety of awards including player icons, sprays, and skins.

The game has been a fan favorite since the time of its release as it brought a new twist to the traditional 5v5 shooter genre. The game is filled with amazing characters equipped with a personalized arsenal of skills that paves the path for all new strategies built around different characters. The new update is coming out very recently and you can read all about it in the next section.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Weekly Rewards

The Halloween Terror event this year around is filled with exciting rewards and we have prepared the complete list for you to go through.

Week 1: OCTOBER 12 – 19

Clearing all the achievements will net you the following rewards in week 1:

  • Skeleton Genji Player Icon.
  • Skeleton Genji Spray.
  • Skeleton Genji Epic Skin.
HT21 Skin Genji Full

Week 2: OCTOBER 19 – 26

Get through week 2 and get your hands on:

  • Einherjar Zarya Player Icon
  • Einherjar Zarya Spray
  • Einherjar Zarya Epic Skin
HT21 Skin Zarya Full


Saving the best for last, get all the achievements in Week 3 for:

  • Clown Roadhog Player Icon
  • Clown Roadhog Spray
  • Clown Roadhog Epic Skin
HT21 Skin Roadhog Full 1

If you ask us, the rewards look amazing, and getting them sounds as easy as pie. Just keep on playing and you will have them in no time.

The rewards for this year’s Halloween Terror event look amazing and we are very excited, what about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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