Payload 2.0 Coming Soon to PUBG Mobile | New Vehicles, Helicopter

Payload 2.0 is all set to launch soon in PUBG Mobile with new weapons and vehicles. Since the launch of New Era (Erangel 2.0), PUBG Mobile has been launching new collaborations and game modes. In the last six months we have seen more updates and new content than ever before! The team certainly knows how to keep the players entertained and engaged with the game.

Similar to other content, Payload has been around for quite a while. It is a seasonal mode that comes and goes for a limited-time only. Payload 2.0 is an upgrade to the same mode with new content and features.

What is Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile?

This mode allows you to play with the ‘big’ guns which are normally not available in the regular battle royale mode. You get to pick up a RPG or a grenade launcher and blast away your opponents. You also get the option to fly a helicopter around which is normally not available in Erangel or other maps, unlike Call of Duty: Mobile.

This is fan-favourite game mode that all players love to play in PUBG Mobile.

Payload 2.0 New Features

As confirmed by the PUBG Mobile team, Payload 2.0 is just around the corner. The social media accounts of the game have been teasing new stuff which is expected to launch with Payload 2.0. So far, we have two new things confirmed – a new truck and a helicopter – both mounted with heavy weapons like the machine-gun.

As per the teaser above, you can see this new truck is equipped with two flamethrowers and a machine gun at the back. The machine gun looks like will be controlled by a teammate.

And for the second teaser posted by the PUBG Mobile Twitter account, we will be getting a helicopter with a mounted machine gun.

We wish to see this helicopter fire rockets at the opponents. And guess what, we might be getting this wish come true soon as per the teaser.

Payload 2.0 Release Date

The new Royale Pass 15 in PUBG Mobile unveiled that Payload 2.0 will be making its way to the game in week 4 – which is starting in two days on Oct. 5. Fans of this mode, you need to keep a tight check on Monday for Payload 2.0 to be released in-game.

Haris Nadeem
Haris Nadeem

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