PC Building Simulator 2 Promises More Components, Improved Career Mode

PC Building Simulator 2 Components Career Mode

Another entry in the “weirdest real life activity to turn into a playable simulator” PC Building Simulator 2 is coming to the Epic Game Store later in 2022. The recently released announcement trailer for the game shows some of its new highlights in action, one of which includes a significantly expanded list of PC components to fiddle around with.

The game is also being developed by a different team this time around, instead of Claudiu Kiss who developed the last game. PC Building Simulator 2 is being developed by Spiral House Ltd and will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive with no announcements given regarding any possibility of a Steam release.

The description of the game under the trailer reads as,

Build your own computer repair and upgrade empire with authentic parts from over 45 real world brands including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. PC Building Simulator 2 innovates on the original’s recipe for success with a vastly expanded and improved feature set taking the simulation to the next level.

The first PC Building Simulator took the PC community by storm as it remains one of the most popular simulation games on steam, the game was praised for its accuracy in building the PCs and its huge number of extremely detailed PC components to mess around with.

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