PlayStation Plus March Free Games List Leaked | GTA Online Included

PlayStation Plus free games for next month got leaked just before the official announcement itself, but we are all here for it. Many speculated beforehand that March would be a big month for PlayStation Plus for a number of reasons, which we will go through in a moment. This early leak comes as a hint from “billbil-kun” on a blogpost on

Since its inception, Sony has tried different tactics with the PS Plus and released different amounts of games each month. Sometimes skipping some months altogether and sticking or releasing games on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Looking at all the clues, let’s go over the titles we think may be coming next month and other leaks for PlayStation Plus, such as a bonus game and other rumors.

Leaked PlayStation Plus Free Games

Here’s a list of all the free games coming to PlayStation Plus for March 2022:

  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • BONUS: GTA Online (PS5 Version)

Team Sonic Racing

Leaks report that Team Sonic Racing is one of the games coming to the service in just a few short weeks. The game was launched in mid-2019 by developing studio Sumo Digital and publisher SEGA. Upon release, the game received 72 points on Metacritic. It is expected to make the list of revealed games today.

YouTube video
E3 Trailer of Team Sonic Racing

ARK: Survival Evolved

Next on our list is Ark: Survival Evolved which was in early access from 2015 until finally coming out 2017, developed by Studio Wildcard. Upon release, the game was quite popular despite having a score of 68 by Metacritic. It is expected to make the list of revealed games today as well as being a AA title, it’s already a sweat package for the new edition of PS Plus.

YouTube video
ARK: Survival Evolved Official Launch Trailer

A third game is also expected to be made available for free for subscribers of PlayStation Plus free games, however, it is not clear what it will be. Leaks suggest it might be a puzzle game of some sort but we can only speculate for the time being. We will keep our eyes peeled and stalk all the sources to get you the latest update as soon as we hear something.

GTA Online (PS5 Version)

A bonus game is being told to be coming along with the main 3 titles and it is none other than GTA Online. It is expected to be released to make up for the unhappiness of fans for the February edition with unenticing titles. PlayStation and Rockstar worked out a deal to make GTA Online free and to make a PS5 version which is a major effort. It seems GTA just has that audience that PlayStation wants to keep and Rockstar made it happen by porting the game and getting it ready in time for the PS5 and March PlayStation Plus game library.

image 2022 02 23 132023

Other Possible PlayStation Plus Free Games in Future

On Reddit, fans have discussed the possibility of games like Sifu coming to PS Plus upon discovering the PS Plus logo on the library thumbnail for the game.

Other possible games that could be coming in future editions include:

  • Firewatch
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order
  • Dark Souls: Remastered
  • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure

As it stands, PlayStation is bringing out their trump cards for March to really dominate the player base right now and we can only expect crazier stuff to leak as we move closer to summer. Of course, this is all rumor talk and speculation, you will have to wait till 4:30 UK Time on March 23 to see which of your favorite games made the free-to-play list.

In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below and share your ideas for the April edition of the PlayStation Plus library, or if you want us to cover a story you think needs attention. Let us know.

Omar Malik
Omar Malik

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