Pokemon Unite: Duraludon Release Date and Time

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Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play MOBA set in the Pokemon Universe. The latest new Pokemon in the game is also coming very soon. Duraludon, a Steel / Dragon type Pokemon is dropping into the world of Pokemon Unite and here’s the release date and time for the players who are waiting to get to play it as soon as it drops.

Duraludon first debuted in 2019’s Pokemon Sword and Shield. In order to unlock Duraldon, you will have to purchase its license as is the case with all other DLC Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Duraludon Release Date and Time:

pokemon unite duraludon release

Duraludon is diving into the world of Pokemon Unite on March 14 and while its exact time hasn’t been announced we can estimate that its going to live on 11:00 PM PST. For a lot of players this means that Duraludon will very likely be launching on March 15th due to the variation in time zones across the countries.

Pokemon also continues to grow with time with the overwhelming success of games like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well as the recently release Pokemon Legends Arceus, since then Game Freak have also announced the newest entry in their beloved franchise called “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” which will be launching later this year exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Unite is available for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. For everything latest in gaming news coverage, keep your eyes out for our news section!

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