Pokémon Unite First Closed Beta Announced for January 2021

pokemon unite closed beta

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA that is being developed by TiMi studios and published by Tencent. The game is expected to be releasing on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. The developers have kept us in the dark about the game for quite a while. However, the first Closed Beta for the game has been announced for January 2021.

Pokémon Unite is going to be a new MOBA game that is mainly meant for fans who are interested in a unique take on iconic Pokémon battles. The game is expected to host the entire roster of Pokémon from the Pokeverse and should therefore be quite nostalgic to play.

Pokémon Unite Closed Beta

Pokemon Unite Gameplay

The game’s closed beta is going to be releasing in the first two weeks of January 2021. Moreover, you need to be living in China or have a phone registered to the Chinese Market to access the beta game. You also need to have a Tencent QQ account, which can also only be created in China.

The developers have still not mentioned anything about a global release or even a local release in some regions. So, naturally; it would be safe to assume that the game is currently in very early stages of development.

If you are currently eligible to be in the Beta (i.e in China with a Tencent QQ account,) scan this QR code:

QR Code Pokemon Unite

This concludes everything you need to know about the Pokémon Unite closed beta and how you can register for it. Stay tuned for more news!

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