PS3 4.87 Firmware Update Patch Notes | December 3

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Sony has released a PS3 4.87 firmware update along with the patch notes on December 3. It is now rolling out to PS3 users worldwide. Do you still have a PS3 with you? We don’t have a lot of people around us using a PS3 anymore, however, many users have it as their media center.

The latest PS3 4.87 firmware is a minor patch bringing support for newer Blu-ray movie releases and a security fix. It is really surprising to see Sony still supporting a console that was initially launched about 14 years ago in the US and Japan.

PS3 4.87 Firmware Update Patch Notes

PS3 4.87 Firmware Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the PS3 4.87 firmware update that is now rolling out. If you start your PS3 right now, this latest update should pop up for you in the notifications.

The patch notes:

  • Updated Blu-ray keys for new movie releases
  • Minor security fix

We do not have a file size of this PS3 firmware update, but it should not be a big one as there are only two small changes. Some users believe this “minor security fix” is actually Sony trying to patch up the jailbroken PS3 consoles that people still use.

What do you think of the PS3 4.87 firmware? This may be a disappointment for those who were expecting any new features. Check out our Firmware Updates section for more patch notes.

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