Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK for Android | Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile 1.1 is now available for download on the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). This is not as big of an update as last time with the New Era update, but the team has still managed to bring in tons of new content this season. Not just new game modes, PUBG Mobile 1.1 also brings a brand new Season 16 Royale Pass, new outfits and weapons.

You can download the latest PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK here for Android devices. The game seems to be going through tough times in several countries where it has been banned by the government for numerous reasons. For those who cannot find the game in your Play Store, you can download the APK manually from here and install (sideload) it on your phone.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 – New Features

We have already covered a complete list of new features and updates in the PUBG Mobile 1.1 patch notes. For a quick summary, here are the new changes:

  • Metro Royale – a brand new experience
  • Two new environments
  • Added: M203 Grenade Launcher
  • Added: Thermal Sight
  • Added: Night Vision Scope and Goggles
  • Added: Heavy Armor for stronger protection
  • Added: Armor attachments
  • Added: Tikhar Rifle
  • Two new themes: Metro and Winter
  • Added: Spike Trap
  • Adjustments of different game modes timings
  • Weapon buffs and nerfs + balance changes

There is a lot more new added to the game. So to get a full look into the new update, we recommend reading the patch notes.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK for Android
Metro Royale in PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK

We already covered the PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta for Android and iOS previously, but now that the full version is out, you can download and install it on your phone.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK

The file size of this APK is about 615MB, so it is recommended you download it over WiFi. You need to have atleast 5GB free space in your phone to fully install PUBG Mobile with all expansion packs.

How to Install PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK on Android

If this is your first time installing or side-loading an APK file directly, we have got you covered with the following steps.

  • Download the PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK file to your phone / tablet
  • Open the file with a files manager
  • Allow the phone to install apps from unknown sources
  • Now install the APK file (this may take a while)
  • Once completed, you can now launch the game to download further game data
  • You will be asked to restart the game once for the changes to take effect

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