PUBG Mobile Season 16 Buffs and Nerfs | Weapon Changes

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Buffs And Nerfs

PUBG Mobile has just launched Season 16. The new season is in partnership with Metro Exodus, a famous first person shooter. The update will be going live tomorrow and will bring exclusive new content and a brand new Season 16 Royale Pass. Today, we’re going to be talking out all the changes made to weapons and throwables, buffs and nerfs in Season 16.

PUBG Mobile has released patch notes for Season 16. Alongside this, new content updates and exclusive features are to be expected as the season progresses. Most importantly, however, is that Tencent has focused on trying to optimize weapons and throwable as much as possible and have therefore buffed and nerfed a few items quite a bit.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Buffs And Nerfs

PUBG Mobile Buffs And Nerfs

PUBG Mobile has a history of tweaking their weapons by a little percentage every season and looking at community feedback. This time, it is no different and only a few changes have been made to weapons and throwables so that they can be tweaked later on.

Here are all the Buffs and Nerfs in Season 16 of PUBG Mobile:

Driving / Vehicle Buffs

The Buggy has been buffed quite substantially. It has a much lower chance of slipping from the rear wheel. Moreover, players driving a vehicle can now also see the weapon they are equipping while driving.

Gun Buffs / Nerfs

Guns have not been altered by a huge amount in the current season with only one gun being direcly affected.


DP-28 buffs and nerfs

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed

The loading animation for the DP-28 has been improved quite significantly which means you won’t have to suffer through the long time it took to reload a DP-28 in the middle of a long skirmish.

Throwables Buffs / Nerfs

Molotov Cocktail - Buffs And Nerfs

Throwables have been changed quite a bit and it clearly feels like this was the main focus of the developers this time around.

Attribute Adjustment

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed

The time it takes to throw consecutive throwables has been significantly reduced.

Frag Grenades

Nerfed or Buffed? Nerfed

The damage of frag grenades has been reduced by a whopping 20%! Even though the blast effect has been improved, this reduces the overall effect of frag grenades in long-range skirmishes.

Stun Grenades

Nerfed or Buffed? Neutral

Stun grenades will now stun targets in an increased radius of 6.5 meters 0.7 seconds after hitting the ground.

Smoke Grenades

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed Slightly

Smoke grenades will now take effect 1 second after hitting the ground. However, the visibility for players who are hit by the smoke has been reduced by a little amount.

Molotov Cocktails

Nerfed or Buffed? Buffed

By far the biggest buff in Season 16 is the buff to Molotov Cocktails. Their damage taken by players in the burning area has been increased by 10. Moreover, its effective range has also been increased by 20%.

This concludes our article on every buff and nerf made to guns and throwables in Season 16 of PUBG Mobile. Stay tuned for more exclusive content about the Seasonal Update!

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